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I Tried a $1500 Vibrating Sex Saddle, and It Turned Me Into a Sexual Cowgirl

I once encountered a Motorbunny sex saddle at a sex party, but I didn't want to ride it then. I saw others use the vibrating saddle machine, and they appeared to be having an amazing time. I also have an image of a woman dancing while sitting on one at a sex-positive Brooklyn dance club burned into my memory — she looked beautiful (and very happy) during her experience. (Her blissful look makes sense, given how much of an investment these things are.)

While I easily had sex with my partner during the aforementioned play party, sitting on top of an intensely vibrating machine in front of people I didn't know felt too exposed for me, for some reason. However, the other people I'd seen trying it out always looked like they'd immensely enjoyed it. That's why when the opportunity arose for me to try the Motorbunny Buck in my own home, I was stoked. Read on to learn all about my experience with it.

What is the Motorbunny Buck?

The Motorbunny Buck is an update on the Motorbunny, which is a vibrating sex saddle. If you've never seen one, they look like smaller versions of those mechanical bulls you see in bars. The Motorbunny unit looks like a black keg cut in half, which is then placed on your floor. It has electrical outlets and a controller, all indicating that this is a powerful machine.

It comes with various attachments suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration. The controller has two settings, one for "buck" and one for "buzz." The buck setting controls the bucking movement of a dildo attachment while the buzz setting controls the vibrations, in levels that range from one to 11.

The author sitting on the Motorbunny Buck wearing a red crop top and black glittery leggingsCredit John Kersten

It's made for use at home and can be cleaned with a hand towel, mild soap, and water. You can also use condoms on the dildo-like attachments it comes with. In short, the Motorbunny Buck is a vibrating piece of furniture, similar to those often featured in dungeons and sex clubs, but you can take it home and use it solo or with partners.

How do you use a sex saddle?

Before my Motorbunny arrived, my contact at the company warned me that this thing was strong. I assured them that I had already seen their machine in action and was down to try it. I set it up next to my bed with the help of my girlfriend, who knows more about cables than I do. It was a full moon in Scorpio, the sign of sex, so I felt extra enthusiastic about giving it a go.

If you're using it by yourself as a means to masturbate, you can just sit on the thing and kick back with some porn.

My main question was as follows: How could I use this with my partner? After all, the machine is only meant to accommodate one body at a time. Either you take turns (Motorbunny stresses that the Buck works for all genders) or you turn it into a game of dominance and submission. Part of this massive sex toy's appeal is that there is an element of vulnerability and exposure, which is why it's so hot — but also explains my hesitance to try one at the sex party. Unlike having sex with a partner, when you're on a Motorbunny you're up there all by yourself. This potential for humiliation is fantastically utilized in a BDSM context, by having the submissive partner sit on the machine as the dominant partner is in charge of the controls.

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