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Want to Slim Down Your Wallet? Try These 5 Picks

The Dash Premium Slim Wallet, the VBAX slim wallet, and the RADIX One slim wallet.Dash, VBAX, Radix Products

Sick of carrying around an overloaded, nasty, old fashioned wallet? Slim wallets are just as reliable and durable as bulky leather wallets, but with the added convenience and comfort of a slimmed-down pocket.

People tend to avoid slim wallets for a simple reason: they look unintuitive and impractical. While old fashioned wallets have tons of pockets and hidden compartments, slim wallets tend to keep everything in mushed together in a confusing mess. They don’t look spacious, and they look a bit too minimalist.

But these stereotypes aren’t really accurate. Old wallets aren’t bulky because they’re well organized or spacious. They’re bulky because we’ve been using the same basic wallet design for the last century when people needed extra space for things like phone numbers and photos. Now, you’re lucky to have five plastic cards and a few bucks in your wallet.

There’s a good chance that you can fit the contents of your bulky wallet into a nice slim wallet. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best slim wallets on the market, in all shapes in sizes.

The Straightforward Pick: The Dash Premium Wallet ($15) The Dash Premium Slim WalletDash Wallets

The vegan-made Dash premium slim wallet is small, durable, and affordable. It has three compartments to keep your cash, cards, and IDs separate, and it comes in a variety of nifty colors.

This slim wallet is ideal for anyone who wants to save pocket space without sacrificing usability. While most slim wallets are designed with elastic bands and moving parts, this is a totally static, intuitively designed wallet.

For Cashless Card-Lovers: Radix One Polycarbonate Wallet ($13) The Radix One Polycarbonate Slim WalletRadix Products

The Radix One is an odd wallet, but it’s great for people who carry a ton of cards (and hardly any cash). It’s made from a polycarbonate material (as opposed to a soft material), so you can be sure that it’ll last for a long time. Rather than mushing all your cards and cash together, the Radix has ten individual pockets for each of your cards and a silicone band for your cash. The Radix’s pockets pop out in a staircase pattern, so all of your cards are neat-and-tidy for quick and easy access.

Carrying cash in the Radix can be a bit awkward. Because cash is held in the wallet’s silicone band, a neat wad of singles can turn into a pocket-bulking mess. User reviews also suggest that the band stretches out over time, so we don’t recommend this one if you plan on carrying a lot of cash regularly.

For Carrying Cash: The Travelambo Money Clip Wallet ($20) The Travelambo money clip walletTravelambo

Most slim wallets have a dedicated pocket for carrying cash, which can stretch out over time or restrict your access to your cash. That’s why, if you’re a cash-carrying fiend, you should consider picking up the Travelambo slim wallet. It has a built-in money clip for intuitive cash carrying, three card pockets, and a see-through ID pocket (something that most slim wallets lack).

The Best Belt-Wallet: The VBAX Elastic Wallet ($18) The VBAX Elastic Slim WalletVBAX

The VBAX is a slim leather wallet with an interesting design. It has two compartments for cards and one for cash, so it’s easy to differentiate between your essential cards and wallet-fodder.

Like other slim wallets, the VBAX comes in a variety of colors. But it also has a leather strap that’s meant to go around your belt. This strap is useful for quick access to your cards and cash (like a waistline pocket protector), or for the peace of mind that comes with a wallet that’s physically latched to your side.

For Quick Card Access: The NOMATIC ($20) The NOMATIC Soft Keychain WalletNOMATIC

The NOMATIC is a soft, slim wallet that’s great for quickly accessing your cards. It’s essentially made of two leather bands. The center band keeps your cards from falling all over the place, and the top opens to give you access to your cards. Interestingly, when you tug at the top band, four of your credit cards will stick out of the top and bottom of the wallet for easy access.

The NOMATIC can hold 14 cards at a time, and it has a neat pocket for loose change and cash, but this pocket is small, and it won’t work well with a fat wad of cash. As a result, the NOMATIC works best for people who don’t carry around much cash.

For RFID Blocking: The Dash Vertical Wallet 5.0 ($19) The Dash Vertical RFID Blocking Slim Wallet 5.0Dash Wallets

If you’re afraid of losing your credit cards remote wallet skimmers, then you should check out the Dash Vertical RFID blocking wallet. It’s an incredibly slim wallet with a 3-compartment design that’s ideal for carrying cash, cards, and IDs without getting everything mixed up. You can even keep your essential cards in the “quickdraw” compartment for easy, on the spot access.

The Old School Pick: The TI-EDC Titanium Money Clip ($15) The TI-EDC Titanium Money ClipTI-EDC

No, the TI-EDC isn’t a wallet. It’s a money clip. But if you’re in the market for a slim wallet, it’s worth thinking about a good money clip. They take up minimal pocket real estate, they last forever, and they’re ideal for carrying a little cash with one or two cards.

The TI-EDC is a neat little money clip. It’s built out of titanium, so it looks good, and it’s sure to last for years. It also has a built-in bottle opener, which is great for showing off your money while popping open a drink.

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