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The 2020 Twenty — Bill Weld

This is IJR’s third segment of The 2020 Twenty. We’re asking every 2020 presidential candidate 20 questions on their plans, policies, outlook, and background as well as some lighter ones to help our readers get to know the people and their personalities as they compete to run the country.

There are several Republicans who have criticized President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, but former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld is the only candidate trying to stop the president from the same side of the aisle.

The 2020 election will not be the first time Weld’s name will appear on a ballot against Trump. In 2016, he ran on the Libertarian Party ticket as former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson’s vice presidential pick.

While Weld is attempting to be on the top of the ticket this time, he’ll carry many of his libertarian tendencies with him, striking a policy contrast with the president on several issues, including abortion, marijuana, and trade. As Weld told IJR, he hopes the Republican Party is ready to trade in Trump’s “simplistic policies” for a rebirth of fiscal conservatism. 

1. As president, what would be your day one, number one priority?

Bill Weld: I would file legislation to cut spending. I think the president and Congress have not shown any interest in being an economic conservative, and that would be a marker I would want to throw down on day one.

2. You were named the most fiscally conservative governor in the U.S. when you served the people of Massachusetts. For the first time in history, the national debt now tops $22 trillion. How would you address this?

Well, I would do a zero-based review of the entire budget. That’s what we did at the state level, and you have to, instead of assuming that the appropriation for next year’s is going to be last year’s plus 5 percent — which is what they assume in Washington — you analyze it to make sure every appropriation stands on its own footing and is justified by the results of that program or item last year.

For example, if it was a very successful preventive health measure that saved a lot of money and improved health outcomes, you might multiply it by five because it did great work, great outputs. But if it was just a useless piece of bureaucracy based on some long-forgotten relationship with a senator whose nephew was the initial executive director, you might just zero that out. And that’s how you get to cut spending.

3. You worked in the House during the Watergate investigations and served with the U.S. attorney general later in your career. Several 2020 Democrats believe Trump should be impeached following the findings of the Mueller report. Do you agree?

I think that the Mueller report made out 10 pretty clear examples of obstruction of justice. You may have noticed that over 1,000 former federal prosecutors, myself included, signed a letter stating that the president was clearly guilty of obstruction of justice based on Volume II of the Mueller report, and it wasn’t even a close case.

Given that, I think it’s time — maybe even past time — to launch an inquiry into whether impeachable conduct has occurred. That’s not the same as saying the House should take a vote tomorrow. The investigation by the House Judiciary Committee into President [Richard] Nixon took 10 months. You know, that would bring us to April of next year. And even then, you don’t get a vote immediately in the Senate. The House appoints managers to conduct a trial in the Senate, so those proceedings likely would not even be over before the 2020 election.

However, to do absolutely nothing in the face of the conduct chronicled in the Mueller report seems, to me, an abdication of Congress’ role.

Bill Weld/Facebook

4. If you could get a drink with any previous president, who would it be?

Oh, my goodness, I guess Teddy Roosevelt, my former great-grandfather-in-law. His strenuous life is worth sampling over a glass of something. [Weld married Susan Roosevelt Weld in 1975. The two divorced in 2002. The governor later got remarried to writer Leslie Marshall Weld.]

5. While serving as governor, you completed 16 official trade missions, including trips to Asia and Latin America. How would you work to secure fair and free trade with our current partners?

I’m a free trader. And I believe that the United States always benefits from free trade. Among other things, our workers have, by far, the highest productivity of any country in the world. Even China is not close. So that means, by definition, we’re going to get the lion’s share of the high-wage jobs that come out of free trade. Jobs do change hands when countries engage in trade with one another. Some low-wage jobs go to the low-wage jurisdiction and vice versa, but the United States is always going to be a winner.

I do not share Mr. Trump’s view, which is for tariffs to be the first reaction. That was tried in the 1930s — the Smoot-Hawley tariffs — and it greatly exacerbated the depression of the 1930s. So I fundamentally disagree with the president on his approach to trade and tariffs, so I would go back to having free trade with everybody, and I certainly would want to have friendly relations with our military allies as opposed to insulting them and isolating them and favoring the autocratic countries and dictatorships such as Russia, North Korea, and the Philippines, and now Hungary, as Mr. Trump does.

     Do you support any level of protectionism?

Well, I certainly think it’s the correct thing to do to take a hard line with China, as Mr. Trump is doing. I had high hopes for [Chinese President] Xi Jinping when he came into office that he might turn his country in the direction of a market economy, but after some good rhetoric at the outset, he’s newly reauthorized the state-owned enterprises to compete globally on the basis of huge subsidies from the government of China. That’s not fair trade, so I do think taking a tough line with China is the right thing to do.

6. You are a pro-choice Republican and have condemned the abortion restrictions in states like Georgia and Alabama.

The new anti-abortion laws recently passed in several states are deeply disturbing as they clearly undermine the rights and safety of women. The new laws actively promote a sinister culture of fear, persecution, stigmatization, secrecy and hiding. 2/4

— Gov. Bill Weld (@GovBillWeld) May 31, 2019

Do you believe there should be any government limits placed abortion in the U.S.?

Sure. I’m not for third-trimester abortions. No, I’m happy with Roe v. Wade. That essentially codifies the rule in common law. I just don’t think we should depart from that. To me, these new laws really involve the question of gender equality. If you say no abortions after six weeks and no exceptions for rape or incest — which several of those laws do — you know, at six weeks, many women will not know they’re pregnant, so that’s just saying “tough luck” if you get raped. You’ve got to carry the child to term for nine months. That’s just incorporating the view of women as carriers, what has sometimes been called the chattel theory of women. That cuts deeper.

7. What is a hidden talent that you have?

I can say the alphabet backward. It’s a good parlor trick, well hidden. It’s never been done.

8. Pro-gun groups like the NRA have criticized your support for gun control in the past. What measures would you take to cut gun violence in the U.S.?

I don’t think we want to focus on gun ownership. I do think that the 300 million rifles in private hands, lawfully acquired, constitutes a bulwark against a government overreaching. The real reason for the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, in my judgment, is not so people can go hunting. It’s really so people will have the guns in self-defense.

All guns are dangerous. It’s not just a rifle with a tripod under it. All guns are dangerous, and to address the school shootings and terrible mass murders, one obvious thing is to do everything possible to keep firearms — of any sort — out of the hands of people who are unstable and have any history of mental illness.

When I got my first shotgun, I had to prove that I had taken a hunter’s safety course. I don’t think that’s any longer the case, but I think it was a good thing. In my case, it made me very careful about guns my whole life. So I have no quarrel with that sort of thing. But that’s really aiming at gun safety, not gun ownership. So I would be focusing on gun safety rather than gun ownership.  

9. You have criticized Republicans for being silent on issues for which you believe Trump should be condemned.

"Republicans in Washington have become the silence of the lambs when it comes to Trump,” Weld said. “Hopefully we can show at least a few people that we’re not all a bunch of lambs.” #Weld2020 #Fitn #nhpolitics #iapolitics https://t.co/PVHQC12I6q

— Gov. Bill Weld (@GovBillWeld) April 24, 2019

How are you planning on convincing other Republicans to speak out against the president?

I’ll continue to speak out when I see something that I think is off. I think the conduct in the Mueller report was definitely off. I think the president’s evident preference for dictators and autocratic forms of government, as opposed to our constitutional democracy, is very troubling. So whether or not Republicans in Congress are persuaded, I’m going to continue to speak my mind.

10. What is your favorite show to binge watch?

“House of Cards.”

11. What role do you believe the government plays in addressing climate change?

I think we need to take steps to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030 and 2050. I think we should be cooperative with other countries. I think we should rejoin the Paris accord. I think we want to look at our energy mix. I agree with those who say that we want the most possible wind and solar power. In the Northeast United States, of course, we have Canadian hydro as well.

I personally think that we need more nuclear power than we have now. Perhaps 25 percent of the base in our electric grid. The sharpest drop in CO2 emissions ever recorded is when France moved to small nuclear plants in approximately the 1980s. And the small nukes now make up 75 percent of the power in France’s grid. They’ve never had an accident, and their CO2 record is pristine as a result. So I think we should do that as well. That goes directly at climate change because it goes directly at CO2 emissions. There are none from nuclear power.

Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters

12. Do you support recreational marijuana legalization?

Well, I think it’s a states’ rights issue. You know, if Alabama, for example, did not want to have legal recreational marijuana, that’s fine. I think it should be state-by-state. I just don’t think the federal government should mandate one-size-fits-all, either negative or positive.

And, by the way, that’s the position that candidate Trump took in 2016, that legal recreation should be a states’ rights issue. And I’d like to see him return to that position.

13. Republicans failed to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2017 and haven’t done much to address the issue since. What is your plan to address health care in the U.S.?

I think we need less government in the health care system. I think individuals should have their own tax-advantaged health savings accounts so that they can save up for the amount of protection that they wanted.

One problem with the Affordable Care Act is that it mandates that everybody have a Cadillac plan, and that makes it much more expensive. And many people don’t want a Cadillac plan. They’re comfortable with a Chevy. It’s just like buying insurance. Some people want a high deductible to cut the upfront cost of insurance. Other people can’t afford to do that because they can’t expose themselves to any risk, so they want no deductible, which makes it more expensive. But that’s the individual choice. And individuals don’t get that much choice under the ACA, it’s all mandated by the government.

And a lot of the government mandates make no sense. Why should it be illegal to buy health insurance across state lines? Why should it be illegal to buy pharmaceuticals from another country, such as Canada? Those are just incorporations of protectionism and the guild mentality of centuries past and don’t really make modern-day sense. So I’d do away with them. Again, more power to the individual.

14. What is your favorite vacation destination?

The Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. We have a fishing camp up there.

15. You’ve said you have a “very different view of immigrants” than President Trump.

"I have a very different view of immigrants than Mr. Trump does…he wants to stir up racial tensions…the stakes are very, very high here." @UNHLaw #FITN #2020 #NHPolitics

— Gov. Bill Weld (@GovBillWeld) May 23, 2019

What steps do you believe should be taken to improve the immigration process in the U.S.?

Well, I think we should have more work visas, not less. Enforce them but have them available. We should have a guest worker program similar to Canada’s where people come and work for four months of the agricultural season or the construction season. That’s what people do in the western part of the United States. And then they go home because they don’t want to live in the United States. They just want to make enough money to send remittances to their families, and then they go home.

And I think the whole notion that the 11 million people who have overstayed their visas — so-called undocumented immigrants — a lot of those people just overstayed their visa. And to say all of them automatically have to get citizenship, that’s just crazy. I think that’s a straw man that those who want to inveigh against immigrants in general throw up. It’s a false issue. I don’t think we need to even consider that.  

     Do you think a wall is necessary for a secure border?

No, not really. I mean, my best understanding is that the experts down there on the southern border say what you really need is more people, more agents, and more drones, which can do a lot of the sighting that a wall by itself doesn’t do. We already have plenty of wall down there, you know, so it’s just a question of the last mile or whatever it is that Mr. Trump is fixated on.

As a matter of fact, that big crisis about the national emergency powers, that was about a tiny amount of money, so that wall couldn’t have been very long. It’s just symbolic, and Mr. Trump likes to have these simplistic policies like “hoax“ for climate change and “wall” for immigrants. He made his first priority when he came into office, and even during the campaign, to try to make people nervous, even hateful, about any people from other countries. It’s sowing division and fear, which he thinks helps him politically. I find it a not very appealing approach to government.

16. The RNC and Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel haven’t exactly given you a warm welcome to the race.

Today at #CPAC, @GOPChairwoman was asked about a @GOP primary to @realDonaldTrump . In a stunning reversal of past party practice of honoring neutrality in primaries, she declared her endorsement of Donald Trump, asking why any Republican would run against the President. pic.twitter.com/LPYdR9ZhO5

— Gov. Bill Weld (@GovBillWeld) March 1, 2019

Do you think the Republican Party should be doing more to support ideological diversity?

You know, I don’t expect to be welcomed by the Trump organization. People say to me: How are you going to make inroads with the Republican state committees? Well, I’m not because they’re the Trump organization in each state. I’m really not going to try to charm them because that’s not going to happen. I’m going to try to persuade more people to vote in the Republican primaries and to enlarge the electorate so that more young voters vote, so that more suburban women vote, and that would be my path to victory. Not suddenly persuading the Republican state committees to change their mind.

17. What is your favorite movie?

I like the sort of soft sci-fi like “Men in Black,” there’s a movie called “[The Adventures of] Buckaroo Banzai [Across] the 8th Dimension.” Another one called “Repo Man.” I see a new “MIB” is coming out. I can’t wait to see that.

18. Right now, the U.S. is facing conflict in Iran, China is stealing our intellectual property (IP), Russia meddles in our elections, and North Korea continues to toy around with rockets. What do you see as the biggest foreign policy threat facing the United States today?

I belong to a group of former world leaders [the InterAction Council], and they conclude that the biggest threat to the world is the risk of nuclear proliferation. So I would be spending a lot of time on North Korea, which has a rather unsteady finger on the trigger. And I would enlist the help of China in addressing issues on the Korean Peninsula. So that would probably be number one. The Russians interfering in everybody’s elections, particularly ours, is outrageous. That would be number two.

China stealing our IP is something I’ve been making noise about for a long time, and I just think we have to tell them in the trade negotiations that this theft of our intellectual property has to stop. That’s a condition of trade concessions in other areas, if you will. You know, unless they do that, no one is going to want to invest in China anymore, foreign investors, and it’s going to be very self-defeating for China. And I think we ought to be able to persuade them of that.

Bill Weld/Facebook

19. The next president would likely fill two Supreme Court seats. Would your picks differ from the types of justices chosen by Trump?

Well, I think both of his are good. And I wouldn’t confine myself to litmus tests. I probably wouldn’t confine myself to justices proposed by a single group, as Mr. Trump has done. But I thought [Justice Neil] Gorsuch, in particular, is a very bright, appealing judge. I would have supported both of the choices.

20. What is your favorite kind of music to listen to on the campaign trail?

I like country-rock. You know, the old-school Jesse Winchester. I love K.D. Lang of modern singers. I have pretty Catholic tastes in music. Both my wife and my son have a playlist of over 2,000 items, so we listen a lot at home and in the car.

Editor’s note: The preceding interview has been edited for ease of reading.

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Major fire burns Jim Beam whiskey warehouse in 2019-07-03 13:45:19 Officials say a lightning strike may be to blame for a major fire late Tuesday night at a warehouse that stores Jim Beam bourbon in central Kentucky.

Boeing pledges $100M for families of 737 Max 2019-07-03 13:16:05 Aviation giant Boeing said Wednesday it's setting aside $100 million for families and communities affected by two crashes of its 737 Max 8 that kill

Gas prices rise for the Fourth of July 2019-07-03 10:38:14 Gas prices crept back up this week just in time for the Independence Day holiday as West Texas Intermediate futures rose 9 percent.

Job creation slowed again in June as small 2019-07-03 10:22:57 Job growth failed to live up to expectations in June with private companies adding 102,000 new positions -- 33,000 short of projections, ADP and Mood

Virginia Beach approves independent investigation into shooting 2019-07-03 10:20:18 The Virginia Beach city council voted unanimously Tuesday for an independent investigation into a May 31 mass shooting at the city's municipal cente

Protests, security, Army tanks abound for July 4th 2019-07-03 09:19:33 The Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C., will have greater military undertones this year -- with a number of tanks dotting the city for th

Iconic auto executive, Ford Mustang creator Lee Iacocca 2019-07-03 08:40:55 Automobile icon Lee Iacocca, the man credited with jump starting the American "pony car" market with his invention of the Ford Mustang, died Tuesda

Homeland Security: Tensions rising in crowded migrant detention 2019-07-03 08:27:01 The Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General released a report detailing severe crowding and escalating tensions between detain

Google celebrates July Fourth with baseball game Doodle 2019-07-03 06:38:27 Google is celebrating July Fourth early with an interactive Doodle.

Border agents search Rio Grande for missing 2-year-old 2019-07-03 03:07:13 U.S. border patrol agents are searching the Rio Grande on the U.S.-Mexico border for a missing 2-year-old migrant girl, authorities said.

206 U.S. companies urge Supreme Court to protect 2019-07-03 02:18:48 More than 200 companies urged the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday to rule that federal civil rights laws ban workplace discrimination based on sexual orie

1 dead, 5 ill from dangerous mold in 2019-07-02 22:40:01 Seattle Children's hospital said Tuesday one patient has died and five others have fallen ill to a dangerous mold found in its operating rooms, auth


Obama-Era DHS Sec Claims Decriminalizing Illegal Crossings Is 2019-07-03 13:50:12“That is unworkable, unwise and does not have the support of a majority of American people or the Congress..." More

McConnell Jokes He’ll ‘Make the First Order’ If 2019-07-03 13:27:14"I'll make the first order." More

‘It’s Very Demoralizing’: South Bend Cop Calls out 2019-07-03 12:56:56"He has used this incident to further his political campaign and he cannot be unbiased about this." More

Trump Congratulates U.S. Navy Seal Cleared of Battlefield 2019-07-03 12:11:40"Congratulations to Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher." More

California Governor Calls on Nike to Move Business 2019-07-03 11:55:25"[California] is open for business and welcomes those that represent the best of our American values." More

Swalwell Posted a Twitter Poll to Prove Americans 2019-07-03 11:50:47The Democrats' poll went sour for him. More

Democrat Buttigieg Proposes Expanded National Service Plan to 2019-07-03 11:33:16Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is proposing a massive expansion of national service programs in a bid to help unify Americans and br

Minnesota Paper Receives Backlash for Running ‘Sexist’ Cartoon 2019-07-03 11:08:26"Uhhh.... Sexist much?" More

Democrat Rep Claims Border Detention Facilities Are Just 2019-07-03 10:53:19"Instead of them processing the children out, they’re processing children in." More

U.S. to Probe Border Agents’ Online Anti-Immigrant Chatter: 2019-07-03 10:22:39The head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has ordered an investigation into a secret Facebook group where border agents joked about immigra

Nadler Thinks Border Agency Heads Should Face Prosecution 2019-07-02 15:57:14"Frankly, I think it's criminal." More

Another Study Shows School Choice Lowers Crime Rates 2019-07-02 15:41:54Charter school students had a 36% lower chance of receiving a felony later in life. More

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Car but no home? Safe parking lots spread 2019-07-02 11:45:16Safe parking lots to sleep in help the homeless who own vehicles with wraparound services in the evenings.

Onstage, Democrats clash on ideas. Offstage, is there 2019-07-02 11:45:16The two-night Democratic debates in Miami highlighted the divide between pragmatists and progressives. But offstage, there was more common ground.

How are slave descendants, Jesuits working to reconcile? 2019-07-02 11:45:16After a promising first meeting in 2017, Jesuits affiliated with Georgetown and descendants of enslaved people are working to find common ground. 

With redistricting decision, high court draws line on 2019-07-02 11:45:16The Supreme Court ruled that federal courts are powerless to rule on political gerrymandering. But states are moving toward reform on their own.

Census case: Why a measure of citizenry won’t 2019-07-02 11:45:16In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday blocked the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Did Warren win the first debate – or 2019-07-02 11:45:16Saying she would eliminate private health insurance may win progressive votes for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren – but could alienate moder

Border aid package breezes through Senate 2019-07-02 11:45:16The Senate passed a $4.6 billion border aid bill to deliver aid to migrant families and unaccompanied children. The GOP-controlled Senate rejected a p

Why Democrats can’t break out of the ‘electability’ 2019-07-02 11:45:16The 2020 race is being framed once again around electability, a concept that’s both reflective of – and has a direct impact on –&nbs

E. Jean Carroll: She said, he said, and 2019-07-02 11:45:16Why didn't The New York Times and other media outlets give E. Jean Carroll sexual assault charges against Trump bigger play?

Robert Mueller agrees to testify 2019-07-02 11:45:16After asking to let his report speak for itself, former special counsel Robert Mueller will testify after all, beginning July 17, with back-to-back ap

Border aid package passes the House, but faces 2019-07-02 11:45:16The House bill contains more than $4 billion combined for supplies and unaccompanied migrant children's care. But the White House could block the bil

Overruled: Is precedent in danger at the Supreme 2019-07-02 11:45:16As this year’s term closes, the conservative-majority United States Supreme Court is placing a shrinking value on legal precedent.

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California Town Declares Itself 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City 2019-07-03 13:26:49By Jake Dima - Needles, California, has declared itself a sanctuary city for the Second Amendment and plans to resist some of California’s rest

White House: Judge Is Forcing ‘Open Borders’ On 2019-07-03 13:24:47By Kevin Daley - The White House accused a federal judge of imposing an “open borders” agenda on the country Wednesday, after she issued

Winning, Again – A.F. Branco Cartoon 2019-07-03 10:41:04By A.F. Branco - Many feel Trump was the winner of the NBC Democratic debates and that it’s even more reason to celebrate this 4th of July inde

Facebook Stays Mum on Accusations of Anti-Conservative Bias 2019-07-03 10:35:58By Chris White - Facebook has not addressed accusations of anti-conservative bias despite promising in 2018 that it would produce a report discussing

Free The Shoes! 2019-07-03 10:25:58By Dave King - Just Sad. Nike has removed a line of its shoes from public access because one fool, stupid football player says they are offensive to

Dan Lipinski Stands Against Nike After It Pulls 2019-07-03 10:13:28By Molly Prince - Democratic Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski expressed his opposition to Nike’s decision to recall an American flag-themed sneaker b

Joe Biden Campaign In Free Fall As Polls 2019-07-03 08:47:42By Peter Hasson - Former Vice President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have plummeted to new lows following his widely panned performance in last wee

President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Wednesday, July 3, 2019-07-02 22:34:17By R. Mitchell - President Donald Trump will receive his daily briefing as prepared by the intelligence community then have lunch with Secretary of S

Less Than 50% Of Americans Are ‘Extremely Proud’ 2019-07-02 18:36:40By Audrey Conklin - American pride has reached its lowest point since 2001. Less than 50% of Americans, on average, are “extremely proud”

Are Democrats Telling Us Black Lives Don’t Matter 2019-07-02 18:35:14By Amanda Alverez - Since the gavel pounded to end the Trump/Russia hoax, isn’t it interesting to watch the ripples flowing across the Democrat

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Found Not Guilty Of 2019-07-02 18:12:13By Shelby Talcott - Edward Gallagher, the decorated Navy SEAL accused of murder and attempted murder, has been found not guilty by a jury consisting

Democratic Rep Calls For Prosecution Of Border Patrol 2019-07-02 17:42:33By Andrew Kerr - Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida said Tuesday that the border patrol agents who made fun of members of Congress in a priv

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Alleged Pete Buttigieg Staffer Wants Pee Thrown At 2019-07-01 13:11:51'Please, please let it be urine next time'

Sen. Mike Lee Minces No Words About Ocasio-Cortez’s 2019-06-27 17:44:54The congresswoman has yet to apologize

Disbarred Veterans Lawyer Now Facing 67-Count Federal Indictment, 2019-06-27 17:13:11The former attorney was first exposed by The Daily Caller in 2014

NYPD Officer Reportedly Takes His Own Life, Fourth 2019-06-27 14:59:05'A Mental Health Crisis'

Trump’s Rape Accuser Seems To Be Getting Crazier 2019-06-27 12:00:49'I think most people think of rape as being sexy'

Child Drag Queens: A Pride Month Media Obsession 2019-06-27 11:07:39'Transgender ideology is not just infecting our laws. It is intruding into the lives of the most innocent among us.'

Gabbard Triumphs – Initial Online Polls Say She 2019-06-27 01:46:37Google Trends show she was the most searched Democratic Candidate after the debate.

House Passes $4.5 Billion In Border Aid – 2019-06-26 13:05:24On a nearly party-line vote, the House passed a $4.5 billion bill to send additional funding to the southern border.

California Woman Wins Huge Settlement In CPS Incident 2019-06-25 13:02:27California Woman Wins Huge Settlement In CPS Incident Where Son Was Taken, Given 13 Vaccines

Conceived In Rape: ‘My Mom’s Courage Enabled Me 2019-06-25 11:51:47Life has purpose

Trump Offers Democrats An Olive Branch – Will 2019-06-24 16:34:20'To see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border.'

US Calls Off Strikes On Iran 2019-06-21 16:16:49'I thought about it for a second and said: You know what? They shot down an unmanned drone...and here we are sitting with 150 dead people...'

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