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Archeologists In Spain Discover Over 400 Tombs In Ancient Burial Site

'The 400 Muslim tombs shows the people lived here for centuries'Read More

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World’s Biggest Glove Manufacturer Warns Of Delivery Delays 2020-11-24 16:42:31The firm has 36 factories that produce gloves

German Official Says Pandemic Lockdown Protesters Across Political 2020-11-24 13:44:30Anti-lockdown protesters have carried signs referencing those at death camps

Double Bomb Blast In Afghanistan Reportedly Kills At 2020-11-24 11:31:50Two roadside bombs were hidden in the main bazaar of Bamiyan City

Charles Darwin’s Notebooks, Sketches On Evolution Believed To 2020-11-24 10:57:11I am heartbroken that the location of these Darwin notebooks, including Darwin's iconic 'Tree of Life' drawing, is currently unknown

Pope Francis Calls Uighurs A Persecuted Group For 2020-11-24 10:12:13The Chinese government rejected the claim that Uighurs are persecuted

‘You’re Either With Christ Or The Coronavirus’: Religious 2020-11-23 21:14:00'You're Either With Christ Or The Coronavirus'

Mexican Officials Report 113 Bodies Found In Mass 2020-11-23 21:01:41More bodies have been found in Jalisco than in any other part of Mexico in recent years

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Vows ‘Legitimate And Necessary 2020-11-23 19:14:37'legitimate and necessary response'

Archaeologist Believes House Under Ancient Convent Is The 2020-11-23 17:03:02It's debatable whether it would ever be possible to prove that

‘Do Not Let Moose Lick Your Car’: Canadian 2020-11-23 14:24:19'Moose and cars are not a good mix'

Pro-Democracy Activists Taken Into Custody After Pleading Guilty 2020-11-23 12:51:34Pro-democracy activists were arrested Monday

‘No Such Meeting Occurred’: Saudi Foreign Minister Denies 2020-11-23 11:58:27'Broadening the circle of peace'

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School tells girls not to show knees because 2020-11-24 19:33:50Parents and students at an Irish preparatory school are blasting administrators over a request from officials that female students were told

British parents not too keen on school charging 2020-11-24 19:20:36A British secondary school is taking heat for charging kids a little over $1 per paper face mask if they forget to bring their own from

Michelin star restaurant's ferris wheel social distancing dining 2020-11-24 19:11:57Costes, a Michelin star restaurant in Budapest, has seen its dining numbers dwindle during the coronavirus pandemic, so it set up shop on a

With Ethiopia on brink of escalation, diplomacy in 2020-11-24 19:03:23Alarm spiraled Tuesday over Ethiopia’s imminent tank attack on the capital of the defiant Tigray region and its population of half a million peo

UK announces rules for Christmas ‘bubble’ to keep 2020-11-24 17:32:05The U.K. government on Tuesday announced that Brits will be allowed to form a Christmas “bubble” consisting of people from three household

Top cartel leader, 2 other members arrested in 2020-11-24 17:08:15On the heels of the first anniversary marking the massacre that killed 9 American women and children, Mexican authorities are said to have a

Firefighters, neighbors rescue 2-year-old boy dangling from high-rise 2020-11-24 15:55:29A 2-year-old boy in China was rescued by firefighters and neighbors after he fell out a window on the 13th floor of a hi-rise building in the city of

Punishing hurricanes to spur more Central American migration 2020-11-24 15:52:21At a shelter in this northern Honduran city, Lilian Gabriela Santos Sarmiento says back-to-back hurricanes that hit with devastating fury this month h

American woman had diplomatic immunity at time of 2020-11-24 12:54:12The wife of a U.S. diplomat involved in a road accident that killed a British teen last year had diplomatic immunity at the time of the crash, a U.K.

Pope Francis defends George Floyd protests, blasts demonstrations 2020-11-24 11:08:46Pope Francis defended the protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death as a fight for “human dignity&rd

US Navy destroyer challenges Russia’s claims to Peter 2020-11-24 09:32:59The U.S. Navy on Tuesday sent a warship to challenge Russia’s “excessive” maritime claims in the Western Pacific, officials said.

Britain will shorten COVID-19 travel quarantines to 5 2020-11-24 09:11:26Just in time for holiday travelers, England is cutting the two-week quarantine facing people arriving from regions not on Britain’s coronavirus

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Laid-off casino workers rely on Las Vegas food 2020-11-25 16:48:45Although unemployment rates in Nevada have recently decreased, the number of people without jobs in September was 134,756 higher than a year earlier.

Rick Schroder explains bail for Kenosha shooter Kyle 2020-11-25 16:12:36"NYPD Blue" and "Silver Spoons" actor Rick Schroder says he contributed "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to Kyle Rittenhouse's bail and defen

Diego Maradona, Argentine soccer legend, dies at 60 2020-11-25 12:07:39Diego Maradona, who led Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup but was tormented by drug abuse and illness in his later years, has died at 60.

Coronavirus infections are higher than ever, but COVID-19 2020-11-25 09:00:54The more cases that are reported, the more deaths we would expect to see, right? The answer is both yes and no, experts said.

Giving thanks, expressing hope: presidential wishes at Thanksgiving 2020-11-25 07:00:55From Washington to Lincoln and beyond, presidents called on the nation to give thanks in messages that reflect the challenges of each era.

Archbishop Gregory stood up to Trump. Now he's 2020-11-25 07:00:25Washington's Wilton Gregory, soon to be the only Black American cardinal, has grown increasingly outspoken over race matters.

Biden picks a Goldilocks Cabinet, neither too left 2020-11-24 21:00:48President-elect Joe Biden's Goldilocks Cabinet picks underscore his deftness at hugging the center in politics and policy, as he tries to avoid the b

For Trump, it's all over but the tweeting 2020-11-24 16:05:24By approving the transition to President-elect Joe Biden, President Trump effectively surrendered his efforts to overturn the election results. What m

Will California's small businesses survive another COVID-19 surge 2020-11-24 08:00:52The lucky among California's small businesses have cobbled together loans and grants to get through the pandemic so far. But that money has dried up,

David Dinkins, New York's only Black mayor, dies 2020-11-24 01:47:50Dinkins served only one term before his defeat against Rudolph W. Giuliani, leaving behind a complicated legacy.

Biden picks Alejandro Mayorkas for Homeland Security secretary 2020-11-23 12:58:02Biden picks California attorney Alejandro Mayorkas to lead the Homeland Security department. He would be the first Latino to hold the post.

As Georgia GOP feuds over Trump loss, might 2020-11-23 06:00:06With Georgia's GOP feuding since Joe Biden won there, a question looms: Can it unite to help two senators win runoffs that will decide which party ru

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The Philippines' migrant workers, and the children left 2020-11-23 00:08:17

Women fleeing Venezuela are being targeted for abuse 2020-11-22 14:45:08

Trump is in an unprecedented streak of silence 2020-11-22 14:15:32President Donald Trump has not answered a single question from the press since Election Day.

Europe's richest country is running out of ICU 2020-11-22 09:08:27Germany was seen as a beacon for other European countries during the first coronavirus wave and hailed for one of the world's best health care system

Nigerian army admits to having live rounds at 2020-11-21 15:04:11The Nigerian army admitted on Saturday that soldiers were given both live and blank bullets when they were deployed to protests at Lekki toll gate on

Inside a Covid-19 ICU that is filling rapidly 2020-11-21 09:00:22Germany was seen as a beacon for other European countries during the first coronavirus wave and hailed for one of the world's best health care system

Should women be entitled to period leave? These 2020-11-20 19:13:40Sachimi Mochizuki has worked in Japan for two decades, but she's never taken a day off for her period.

Hyperloop wants to change the world. Not everyone's 2020-11-20 10:56:46Hyperloops burst onto the scene in 2013. Elon Musk detailed a new type of train service in a low-pressure tube that would reach speeds up to 760 mph.

How smart nets and scanners could keep more 2020-11-19 20:58:54Commercial fishing is draining our oceans of life. Trawlers are catching fish faster than stocks can replenish, while dolphins and turtles are also sn

Egypt arrests leading human rights group's employees 2020-11-19 17:26:38Egypt has arrested three employees of a leading domestic human rights group, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

Death toll climbs in Kampala as protests over 2020-11-19 15:47:53Sixteen people have been killed in Kampala in two days of protest over the arrest of presidential opposition candidate Bobi Wine.

US home sales keep surging even as inventory 2020-11-19 15:34:14Even amid a global pandemic and high unemployment, people are still buying homes at the fastest rate in years.

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Russia working on MASSIVE oil project to boost New! 2020-11-27 08:51:30 Russia’s energy giant Rosneft is developing a multibillion-dollar Vostok Oil project which is expected to bolster the country's presence in th

'It's BOUND to happen': YouTube 'bum' Jake Paul New! 2020-11-27 08:44:18 Conor McGregor will be "embarrassed" in his planned boxing match with Manny Pacquiao and will then turn to Jake Paul because of pay-per-view appeal

Wales announces new Covid restrictions as earlier gains New! 2020-11-27 08:35:01 The Welsh First Minister has warned against complacency and introduced a new wave of measures to tackle rising Covid cases across the country, includ

Medical records of Brazilian PRESIDENT among 16 million New! 2020-11-27 08:34:35 Personal data of some 16 million Brazilians, including their medical records, was reportedly left exposed for almost a month after a data scientist p

Knife-wielding woman kicks & harasses Vienna rabbi in New! 2020-11-27 08:33:54 A rabbi in Austria was attacked by a woman who reportedly shouted anti-Semitic slogans as she pulled out a knife and kicked him in the leg. Top Austr

Taiwan lawmakers throw PIG GUTS during parliament session New! 2020-11-27 08:21:30 Fistfights broke out in Taiwan’s legislature as opposition party lawmakers began throwing pig organs in protest against an upcoming policy chan

‘Authoritarianism at work’: Tory MPs attack Boris Johnson’s New! 2020-11-27 08:20:41 A group of Conservative Party MPs are threatening to rebel and vote down Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Covid tiers restrictions plan, set to g

'Only a few days left': EU demands Britain New! 2020-11-27 08:11:59 European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier plans to travel to London to try and reach a Brexit trade deal, but British PM Boris Johnson has warne

Turkey says EU call for sanctions over Cyprus New! 2020-11-27 07:42:42 Ankara has denounced a resolution by EU Parliament lawmakers for sanctions against Turkey over Cyprus after President Erdogan’s recent visit to

New Delhi police ask to convert stadiums into New! 2020-11-27 07:15:58 Some 5,000 farmers were allowed to enter New Delhi on Friday for a peaceful protest under police escort. Tensions remained high, with clashes between

London asks regulator to assess Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine New! 2020-11-27 07:09:29 UK regulators are being asked to access AstraZeneca’s vaccine with the view that four million jabs could be ready for rollout in December despi

Washington tells Deutsche Bank to wind up its New! 2020-11-27 07:09:19 Outside monitors appointed by the New York state authorities have recommended that Germany’s largest lender, Deutsche Bank, should cease doing


Geopolitics of COVID: The Unprecedented Challenge of Coronavirus 2020-11-24 07:08:09The first COVID-19 vaccines are nearing approval. Wealthy countries have already secured the rights to billions of doses, while others are at risk of

Svetlana Alexievich on the protests against Alexander Lukashenko 2020-11-20 12:01:00Literature Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich is currently in Berlin receiving medical treatment. In an interview with DER SPIEGEL, she spoke about th

EU Budget Battle: Brussels Prepares for a Protracted 2020-11-20 12:00:53By vetoing the EU budget, Hungary and Poland have plunged the bloc into a crisis and heaped pressure on Angela Merkel to find a solution. Brussels, th

Lebanon: Anatomy of the Explosion that Rocked Beirut 2020-11-19 06:41:32How is it possible that 2,750 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate was stored in the heart of Beirut for several years? DER SPIEGEL recounts the

Croatia: Video Documents Illegal Refugee Pushbacks 2020-11-18 13:06:04For years, asylum-seekers have been claiming abuse at the hands of Croatian border police, with some reporting beatings, electric shocks and even havi

The Troublemaker: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Keeps Europe 2020-11-18 10:51:44Sebastian Kurz's supporters admire his chutzpah, but critics see the Austrian chancellor's stubborn maneuvering as a danger to the cohesion of the E

BioNTech: A Small German Biotech Company Hopes to 2020-11-13 12:10:55The Germany company BioNTech has achieved a breakthrough with its COVID-19 vaccine. Now it is faced with the task of becoming a global corporation, bu

BioNTech's Long-Term Dream: From Coronavirus to a Cancer 2020-11-13 11:54:04The breakthrough achieved by BioNTech in the search for a coronavirus vaccine was actually just a spin-off from their real aim. The company is hoping

German ICUs Are Struggling to Keep Up with 2020-11-12 11:08:35German hospitals have invested heavily in the equipment needed to treat serious cases of COVID-19. But they lack the staff necessary to cope with the

Three Doctors on the Front Lines: "It’s a 2020-11-12 11:08:17How are things going with the treatment of COVID patients? And what happens if infection rates continue to rise? Doctors discuss their daily lives on

Digital Violence: Olimpia Coral's Fight on Behalf of 2020-11-12 03:49:59A sex video disseminated on the internet made Olimpia Coral's life a living hell. Today, she is fighting to ensure that digital violence in Mexico is

The Cult Myth: Why Trumpism Won't Disappear with 2020-11-11 05:05:57Donald Trump's role in the degradation of American politics has been consistently overstated. His spirit will remain behind long after he is gone &nd

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China slaps tariffs on Australian wine as tensions New! 2020-11-26 23:02:21It has been investigating the "dumping" of cheap wines in China - an accusation Australia denies.

Whale skeleton discovered in Thailand thought to be New! 2020-11-26 22:56:46Archaeologists believe the bones are as old as 5,000 years and remarkably well preserved.

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: PM declares assault on regional New! 2020-11-26 22:35:27PM Abiy Ahmed says the military will try not to harm civilians and urges people to stay at home.

Iran diplomat to stand trial in Belgium over New! 2020-11-26 22:17:15Prosecutors in Belgium say he planned an attack on an Iranian opposition rally near Paris in 2018.

US election: Trump signals he is prepared to New! 2020-11-26 21:54:27He has refused to concede the election but says he will quit if Joe Biden's victory is confirmed.

PG Wodehouse: Why India still holds a flame New! 2020-11-26 20:01:43The Jeeves and Wooster creator was the most English of novelists so why does he have fans in India?

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fears of a march into New! 2020-11-26 20:00:20The government is hoping for a quick victory in Tigray but it may not be that simple.

US election results: Why the most accurate bellwether New! 2020-11-26 19:56:49Of the 19 places in the US that usually correctly pick the president, only one got it right this time.

Searching 80,000 miles for the American dream New! 2020-11-26 19:30:50Photographer Ian Brown travelled around the US in search of people's American dreams.

'This is War': Poland’s battle for abortion New! 2020-11-26 19:28:40People have taken to the streets as the government attempts to ban nearly all abortions.

Diego Maradona: Footballer laid to rest as Argentina New! 2020-11-26 19:20:11The football legend is laid to rest in a private ceremony after a day of emotional scenes.

Singapore: Jolovan Wham charged for holding up a New! 2020-11-26 19:12:00Activist Jolovan Wham faces large fines for violating public order laws in Singapore.

: World

‘Diego is the people’: Thousands honour Maradona in New! 2020-11-26 18:02:00A casket procession was the sort of honour usually given heads of state, but few heads of state have ever aroused such loyalty or passion.

About Fugging time: Austrian town changes its name New! 2020-11-26 15:29:30The tiny Austrian community, which sounds like the English profanity 'f--king,' has been a popular site for British tourists for decades.

North Korean gymnast jumps border fence to freedom 2020-11-26 13:25:52The man reportedly leaped over a 10-foot fence along the heavily-defended Korean DMZ, dodging guards and barbed wire to escape Kim Jong Un's regime.

Denver mayor travels for Thanksgiving after urging others 2020-11-26 11:09:04Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has apologized after urging citizens to avoid travel, then hopping on a flight to see his own family in Mississippi.

‘A polite coup d’etat’: Trump and allies continue 2020-11-26 08:18:21His baseless claims have a way of coming back. And back. And back.

Culled minks with COVID-19 mutation rise from their 2020-11-26 07:50:10"We assume it is the mink that were in the upper layer that pop up,'' officials said, calling it a "natural process."

At least 5 dead after Cyclone Nivar slams 2020-11-26 02:46:57Cyclone Nivar made landfall near the city of Puducherry with winds of up to 130 km per hour, according to the India Meteorological Department.

Ethiopian army to move in on Tigray capital 2020-11-26 02:17:07The statement Thursday by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's office means tanks and other weaponry can now close in on the city of some half-million people.

Coronavirus: U.S. Supreme Court rules against New York 2020-11-26 00:52:29The justices split 5-4, with new Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the majority, her first publicly discernible vote as a justice.

Over phone, Trump tells Pennsylvania hearing U.S. election 2020-11-25 22:18:24Trump's lawyers held a cellphone to a microphone to allow the outgoing president to speak to a hearing on election fraud convened by Pennsylvania Rep

Mystery of the coronavirus origin: Experts still seeking 2020-11-25 16:48:57New research suggests the novel coronavirus was circulating in Italy in September before first cases were reported in China. Here is what we know far.

Trump pardons former national security adviser Michael Flynn 2020-11-25 16:19:51In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, Trump said it is his "Great Honor" to pardon Flynn.

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