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President Trump Takes a Hit for the Team

Although events this past week did not appear to work out as we might have liked, appearances can be deceiving. Read More

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American Thinker

Biden's False Catholicism 2021-01-26 01:00:00Why wouldn’t the Church demand Biden’s public adherence to the faith he’s spent a lifetime publicly exploiting? 

C'mon, Joe 2021-01-26 01:00:00Just a few days into the Biden presidency and the media are already chipping away at the granite on Mt. Rushmore.  

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Anti-White Racism Pervades Major Academic Publisher's Teacher Resources 2021-01-26 01:00:00Critical Race Theory strikes again — and it's striking America's schoolchildren hard.

The Attempt to Install a One-Party Oligarchy is 2021-01-26 01:00:00The obsession by the nation’s elites to rid themselves of the threat that Donald Trump posed to their hegemonic plans has prompted unforced and

National Review and All its Many Ways of 2021-01-25 01:00:00Like Dante's Coward Angels...

Watching as the USA Falls Prey to the 2021-01-25 01:00:00It is truly a lurching epiphany, connecting the dots as to how systematically communism has infiltrated and transformed the United States.

Right on Schedule, COVID Pivots for Biden 2021-01-25 01:00:00Was it ever about the virus, or just about the election?

You Know There Was Industrial-Scale Election Fraud. What 2021-01-25 01:00:00One way or another, the truth will out. Here's a thought on how that might happen.

Our Overlords Should Not Expect an Easy Populace 2021-01-25 01:00:00Seeking to tame a bunch of "live free or die," "come and take it," cowboy Americans will only make fools of those who try.

Was Trump Laid Low Just to Satisfy Barack 2021-01-25 01:00:00Profiling an insufferable egomaniac named Barack Obama, whose thirst for retribution remains unquenchable until all his critics are destroyed.

Why Post-Inauguration Reminds Me of Post-9-11 2021-01-24 01:00:00I don't think any of us will be going back to normal anytime soon.


How To Calm America's Hundred-Year Storm 2021-01-25 04:30:23Peel back our political anger, and you'll find social disruptions on a scale the country hasn't seen since the early 1900s. So what does Teddy Roose

Some Trump aides stuck with him till the 2021-01-25 04:30:10The former president has all but vanished from public view while his former team navigates an unforgiving job market.

Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor 2021-01-24 09:39:09The votes demonstrate the party leadership's loyalty to Donald Trump.

One of Trump's final acts will allow former 2021-01-24 07:01:43In repealing ethics pledge, Trump lifted a lifetime ban on staffers lobbying for foreign governments, the source of multiple scandals during his presi

The political roots of Amanda Gorman’s genius 2021-01-23 07:00:30From Maya Angelou to Gil Scott-Heron, the inaugural poet laureate comes from a long line of activist poets of color.

Will There Be a Trump Presidential Library? Don’t 2021-01-22 19:06:20If you understand how presidential libraries are created, it’s hard to see how Trump ever gets it done.

"I haven't been able to get this moment 2021-01-22 05:00:43This week's episode of Nerdcast

Republicans who impeached Trump are already on the 2021-01-21 19:55:13Candidates, donors and local party officials are organizing against the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

Cornale tapped for DNC executive director 2021-01-21 15:43:38The decision is a sign that Joe Biden looked favorably on the national committee’s work during the presidential election season.

U.S. intelligence head who warned of foreign election 2021-01-21 15:18:40Evanina left his position after six years as director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center.

Trump-backing California legislator ousted as GOP caucus leader 2021-01-21 15:17:23California Senate Republicans have chosen state Sen. Scott Wilk to lead their caucus.

Trump’s ‘crony pardons’ flabbergast the political world 2021-01-20 20:39:42“He apparently didn’t consider, or didn’t care, how this might impact the Senate Republicans who will now be asked to ignore his act

Voltaire Network

Joe Biden Imperator, by Thierry Meyssan New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03President Biden's state of health will not allow him to govern. Already a group of activists are preparing his decisions. Quite far from his electora

Venezuela reportedly found drug against Covid-19 New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03Before the skeptical eyes of the entire world, President Nicolás Maduro announced that Venezuelan scientists have developed a drug, known as Ca

Now in force: the UN Treaty banning atomic New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03The UN Treaty banning nuclear weapons entered into force despite opposition from all nuclear powers and their allies.

White House bends to gender ideology New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03The new White House website has a "Contact us" section, asking visitors to fill out an ID questionnaire. This includes a "Pronouns" drop-down menu

Lockdown measures have no impact on Covid-19, says New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03According to Stanford University, which compared the epidemic curves in 8 different countries having adopted authoritarian policies against Covid-19 (

Biden-Khamenei secret negotiations New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03For two months the administration of President-elect Joe Biden has been holding secret talks in New York with envoys of Iranian President Hassan Rohan

Jack Dorsey censors governments too New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03In 2019, Twitter censored accounts in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Bangladesh and Spain in order to block the dissemination of "state-backed news." A

Mark Zuckerberg censors governments New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03Mark Zuckerberg's company Facebook is already used to censoring governments. After closing French Army accounts in the Central African Republic and M

After the USSR, the USA collapses, by Thierry New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03Everything has an end, so do empires, both the United States and the Soviet Union. Washington has outrageously favoured a small camarilla of ultra-bil

Thirty years ago, the Gulf War, by Manlio New! 2021-01-26 09:02:03For President George H. Bush, the aim of Operation Desert Storm was not so much to defeat Iraq as to establish a "New World Order", in agreement wit

Pentagon moves Israel under Central Command 2021-01-18 18:01:58The Pentagon has five regional commands in charge of implementing imperial policy. The heads of these commands are dubbed "viceroys" after the Briti

Ayatollah Khamenei bans US, English and French vaccines 2021-01-18 18:01:58On the orders of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran canceled the import of 150,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines donated to it by the Iranian co

Christian Science Monitor |

Is Madison Cawthorn the future of Trumpism? New! 2021-01-26 17:09:00With former President Trump out of power, younger Republicans may begin to remake what it means to be part of the populist “Trumpist” wing

New virus strains in the US add to New! 2021-01-26 13:13:47Although there has been a marked drop in recent weeks in the U.S., the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths remain high. But health experts are raising

Biden reverses Trump restrictions on transgender troops New! 2021-01-26 12:06:53President Joe Biden has reversed restrictions put on transgender people who wish to serve in the U.S. military. The move comes amid Mr. Biden’s

‘A too-powerful presidency’: Will US ever rein in 2021-01-25 17:26:00President Biden signed 17 executive actions during his first hours in office. Since at least FDR, the executive branch has continued to grow in power.

Los Angeles’ new DA redefines what ‘people’s lawyer’ 2021-01-25 16:15:55George Gascón, now Los Angeles County district attorney, sees a “moral imperative to represent the entire community,” defendants as

How the US is moving forward after Russian 2021-01-25 13:35:00Last year, Russian hackers launched a massive intelligence-gathering operation that affected several federal agencies and exposed the weaknesses of in

Why more Republicans are rejecting an impeachment trial 2021-01-24 20:48:00A growing number of Republicans say they won't support an impeachment trial. Donald Trump is likely to soon face the charge of "incitement of insurr

US reaffirms support for Taiwan after China sends 2021-01-23 23:58:00After new incidents of Chinese warplanes flying near Taiwan, the U.S. State Department urged Beijing to replace pressure with dialogue.

How does a 50-50 Senate work? Two leaders 2021-01-22 16:20:33Former Sens. Tom Daschle and Trent Lott, who ran the last 50-50 Senate, offer advice on how to govern when power is split evenly.

Hank Aaron remembered for shattering records and racial 2021-01-22 12:41:00Baseball great Hank Aaron, who died Friday, is remembered for breaking Babe Ruth's home run record – and the racist hate mail he faced in doing

How Democrats could gain from a delayed Trump 2021-01-22 12:33:16Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has proposed a plan to begin Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in mid-February. Sen. Chris Coons said De

Another stimulus could take a while. Here’s what 2021-01-22 12:03:39President Joe Biden has floated $1.9 trillion in stimulus spending, which will require passage in Congress. Meanwhile, he has begun putting together e

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