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23rd of July 2018

United States

#BoycottWalmart trends online after superstore sells ‘Impeach 45’ products

Walmart is in hot water as customers start #boycottWalmart on social media on Tuesday to protest the retail chain website’s sale of “Impeach 45” products.

The superstore’s online platform sold apparel promoting impeaching the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. Among the items bearing the slogan are T-shirts and a baby onesie, as well as an infant onesie. Prices reached upwards of $20 for a single item.

Not that I needed another reason to Boycott Walmart, but they just gave me one and solidified it for

— Jeb Buracker (@jebburacker) July 3, 2018

As counter-protestors pointed out on social media, also offers MAGA products for sale. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, “Impeach 45” items were no longer found on the superstore’s online platform. On the other side of the political spectrum, “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts, which were also available for sale earlier on, also appear to no longer be available for sale.

The Washington Times reached out to Walmart Tuesday afternoon asking if the products were pulled in response to the social media pressure. We are waiting for their response.

The company has yet to issue a public statement on the controversy.

Tuesday marked the 56 anniversary since War-Mart opened for business.

swim up·streamverb1. moving in the opposite direction of what is conventional and expected.Synonym: innovate

Since 1962, swimming upstream has defined the way we do business. Here’s to 56 years of serving customers the Walmart way!

— Walmart Today (@WalmartToday) July 2, 2018The Washington Times Comment PolicyThe Washington Times welcomes your comments on, our third-party provider. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting.Read More

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