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From microtransactions to DLC, here's everything we know about 'Anthem'

At the EA Play 2017 press conference, Electronic Arts revealed Anthem, the next major game from acclaimed studio BioWare. The Destiny-esque online action role-playing game is a departure from the single-player experiences Bioware is known for, though its world-building and structure seem to capture the kind of size and scope you’d expect from the studio behind the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. Here is everything we know about Anthem so far, including details on its world, gameplay, and development team.

The reveal trailer [embedded content]

The game’s first teaser trailer, released at EA Play 2017, introduces players to Anthem‘s mysterious world. A walled city protects its denizens from what is lurking outside. We get a glimpse of a large reptilian creature and lush greenery dotted with ruins of civilization.

Outside the wall are people who either protect the city or have rejected its security. These people, called Freelancers, fight in powered armor suits called Javelins. “Out there, you either live with the choices you make or die trying to change them,” the narrator says.

The trailer brings to mind an Attack on Titan scenario, where humans use combat tech and walls to defend against hulking monsters. The suits themselves reminded us of the Titans found in Titanfall, albeit much smaller. 

Exploring your Javelin Anthem Hands-on Preview

In a gameplay trailer shown during Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference, we were able to see Anthem in action for the first time. This included a look at the game’s combat, which seems much more action-focused than BioWare’s past work.

In the video, players in groups of four head outside the confines of Fort Tarsis (essentially your home and hub) and into the wilderness. There, they find remote crevices and canyons with upgraded items and loot, dangerous monsters of varying sizes, with missions to run and characters to find and help.

A storm surges through the team, giving them an opportunity to dive in head-first, jetpacks equipped, to find out what’s on the other side. The jetpacks on their Javelins allow them to fly from point to point, though they can overheat. You’ll have to occasionally land or find a water source to cool down.

Javelin Classes

There are four types of Javelin suits designed for different play styles and those are the Ranger, Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor. Each Javelin can hold two weapons at once. You’ll begin the game with the Ranger and unlock the others at levels two, eight, 16, and 26. BioWare has released detailed profiles of each of the four classes, which we’ll outline below.

Ranger Anthem Hands-on Preview

The default Javelin suit, the Ranger is an all-around class that is said to be the most versatile. The Ranger can access all weapon types except for the Colossus-exclusive heavy weapons. Its melee ability is called Shock Mace, an electrified charge that courses through enemies in the area.

The Ranger has three ability slots: Grenade Gear, Assault Launcher Gear, and Support Gear. Grenade Gear supports the following five grenade types:

Frag: Area blast damage Inferno: Deals area damage to those caught in the flames Frost: Damages and freezes enemies Seeker: Splits and seeks nearest enemy Sticky: Attaches to target

Assault Launcher Gear acts as your secondary projectile weapon and supports five types as well:

Homing Missile: Heat seeking projectile. Energy Pulse: Blast of energy that deals heavy damage to a single target Spark Beam: Fires a sustained beam of energy for continuous damage. Venom Darts: Launches a volley of darts that seek out a target for acid damage. Blast Missile: Fires a missile that explodes for area-of-effect damage.

Support Gears deploy defensive mechanisms or help out teammates in the area. There are two of them at your disposal:

Bulwark Point: Spherical field that protects from projectiles Muster Point: Increases weapon damage for nearby teammates

The Ranger’s ultimate ability is called Multi-Target Missile Battery. When activated, you deal precise damage to numerous enemies with guided projectiles in quick succession.

Colossus [embedded content]

The tank class, Colossus Javelins favor defense over mobility. Colossus have a shield that can be used for cover at any time. You won’t move around fast, but you will have a lot of firepower thanks to mounted artillery weapons, heavy guns, and a flamethrower. Colossus can use every weapon type except for pistols and submachine guns.

Its melee ability, Heavy Smash, inflicts damage on enemies in two ways, both of which use your equipped weapon to strike enemies. You can either dive from the air to do area damage or get right up in enemies’ faces with a mighty swing of your weapon.

The Colossus has three ability slots: Ordnance Launcher Gear, Heavy Assault Launcher Gear, and Support Gear. Ordnance Launcher Gear supports the following five abilities:

High Explosive Mortar: Explosive projectile that deals great damage to a concentrated area. Burst Mortar: A smattering of small mortars that strike across a wide area. Firewall Mortar: A mortar that erects a flame wall that hurts all enemies who touch it. Lightning Coil: Hits a random enemy with an arc of electricity. Shock Coil: Deploys electric waves that damage nearby enemies.

Heavy Assault Launcher Gear options are wrist-mounted weapons that deal copious amounts of damage. 

Heavy Cannon: Big rocket Flame Thrower: Shoots flames Flak Cannon: Barrages nearby enemies with a short-range arc of projectiles. Short-range volley of projectiles. Railgun: Devastates a single-target with a forceful and precise kinetic round. Hits one target with a strong, accurate shot. Acid Spitter: Shoots acidic projectiles

The Colossus’ Support Gear options focus on lending a helping hand to teammates.

Taunt: Directs attention to yourself so enemies stop firing on teammates. Deflector Pulse: Gives nearby allies damage-resistant buff.

The Colossus’ ultimate ability is the Siege Cannon, a hulking attack that clears the area of small enemies and/or inflicts heavy damage to bosses.

Storm Anthem Hands-on Preview

The magic class, Storm uses “seal technology” to blast enemies around it. This javelin, developed by the Dominion through arcanist research, is highly mobile and wields powerful kinesis energy. Though Storm users can deal great amounts of magic attacks, you have to be nimble to operate Storm effectively since it doesn’t have strong defense. When playing as Storm, you’ll want to stay above the ground as much as possible.

Storm Javelins can wield all weapons expect for heavy weapons. Its melee ability, Fiery Strike, deals explosive damage and knocks enemies back so you have time to scamper away.

Storm Javelins have three kinesis gear abilities: Blast Seals, Focus Seals, and Support Seals. Blast Seals support the following five attacks:

Lightning Strike: A targeted strike that deals lightning damage. Ice Storm: Spawns a field of ice that deals more damage as it gets colder. Flame Burst: Rapid fire damage to a set location. Rime Blast: Ice projectiles that damage and freeze close targets. Living Flame: A burst of heatseeking flame energy.

Focus Seals, the secondary gear attack, are also split into five attacks:

Hoarfrost Shards: Rapid ice projectiles that gradually freeze enemies. Fireball: Can either be charged to explode on contact or shot in a rapid clip. Ball Lightning: Electric energy that can ricochet off walls to hit enemies behind cover. Glacial Beam: A beam of powerful ice energy sent to a set location. Arc Burst: A blast of lightning that deals heavy damage.

Storm Javelin Support Seals increase evasion and help out teammates.

Wind Wall: Creates a defensive wall of wind that deflects projectiles. Nexus: Creates a field for gear cooldown for allies in the area.

The Storm Javelin’s ultimate, Elemental Storm, sends blasts of frost, electricity, and fire, and finishes with a devastating explosion.

Interceptor Anthem Hands-on Preview

The Interceptor is the smallest and fastest Javelin, with the best evasion and agility stats. It’s a great class for both those that want to fight at long-range and get up close and personal. Interceptor’s can wield every weapon except for those in the heavy class. Double-Bladed Daggers, the Interceptor’s melee ability is a multi-strike dual blade attack. Basically, you can use the Interceptor as a sword-wielding specialist if you so choose.

The Interceptor has three Gear types in its loadout: Assault Systems, Strike Systems, and Support Systems. The five Assault Systems attacks are as follows:

Seeker Glaive: Throws Razor-sharp projectiles that latch onto nearest enemy. Acid Bomb: Exploding grenade that inflicts acid damage to enemies in its wake. Cryo Glaive: A projectile that locks onto a target and freezes it. Cluster Mine: Mines that explode when touched by enemies. Spark Dash: A dash attack that leaves streaks of electricity behind you.

Strike Systems attacks, the secondary attack gear slots, also have five options:

Star Strike: Charges a nearby enemy with energy, explodes after it builds up. Plasma Star: Long-range plasma shuriken. Nova Strike: Deploys a “projection” of yourself that attacks enemies. Tempest Strike: A devastating single-target attack that can stun smaller enemies. A strike that stuns small enemies. Corrosive Spray: Unleashes an acid shower that hurts all enemies that it touches.

The Interceptor’s support systems bolster either your attacks or lend a hand to teammates:

Target Beacon: Marks an enemy for increased damage. Rally Cry: Removes status effects from all allies in the area.

The Interceptor’s ultimate ability, Assassin’s Blades, work similarly to its melee attack. However, the suit powers up and the blades move faster, inflicting more damage at a quicker rate.

Players won’t be the only ones wielding Javelins. In November, BioWare shared on a livestream that enemies will be able to make use of the technology, as well. The Valkyrie enemy, for instance, makes use of a suit that acts like the Storm Javelin.

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