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4 Online Tactics for Making Money Fast

money online

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There’s no shortage of things you can do online. From watching videos to staying in touch with loved ones and browsing social media, the internet truly allows us to do virtually anything. Thanks to the internet, we’re able to remain connected and have 100% convenience within the palms of our hands.

The internet also allows us to tackle financial tasks. You can invest money, manage your finances, and even make money in the online world. Do you want to learn how to make money fast online? If so, this is the post for you.

Here are four different ways you can quickly make money online:

1. Start a Blog

If you want to make a steady amount of monthly income, one of the best things you can do is start a blog. While you won’t become a millionaire overnight, if you properly maintain your online presence, you can draw in hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars a month.

Are you a people person? Do you have information you want to share with others? If so, a blog is a perfect platform for delivering this information.

With your blog, there’s no shortage of topics you can discuss. From living frugally to tips for investing, to options for living a healthier lifestyle, the content is entirely up to you. What’s important is that you choose a topic you’re passionate about.

The more traffic you’re able to bring to your website, the more money you’re able to make through ads and affiliate sales.

2. Use Video Content to Your Advantage

The internet is home to billions and billions of hours of video content. In fact, users watch more than 500 million hours of videos a day. But, instead of just watching, what if you could use video content to your financial advantage?

There are many different ways you can make money using video content. First, you can create your own videos, but, since there are so many videos uploaded to sites like YouTube, you’ll need to find ways to make your video unique. Otherwise, you’ll never get the views you need.

To start, create video content about hot and buzz-worthy topics. To make money, you’ll want to embed Google AdSense ads into your videos. When a viewer clicks the ad, you make money! Keep in mind, you need to build a following on YouTube before you can monetize your videos.

Another way to make money using video content is to do what you already do: watch it. Swagbucks is a website that pays users for watching video content. Videos are available in all sorts of topics including sports, hobbies, parenting, news, music, and much more.

3. Take Paid Surveys

One of the quickest ways to make money online is to take paid surveys. There are many paid survey sites that will pay you for sharing your feedback, which is used by companies to improve their products, services, and more. Popular options include:

Survey Junkie Swagbucks Inbox Dollars Vindale Research Survey Club

To make money taking paid surveys, you’ll need to dedicate a few hours each week. Surveys can pay between $0.50 all the way up to a couple of dollars. Rarely do surveys take very long, as most of them can be completed within less than five minutes. If you are given a longer survey to take, you’ll likely get a higher payout.

If you dedicate enough time, you can make a comfortable hourly income by simply taking surveys!

4. Become a Website Tester

There are millions of websites on the internet today. But, not all websites are designed equally. Have you ever come across a website that was unreadable because of poor font and background color contrast? What about a website that won’t load on your mobile phone?

Many of these issues could have been remedied if the website underwent website testing. Online, you can actually test websites and make money for doing so!

As a website tester, you’re in charge of determining how usable a website is. You’ll also provide your feedback about the website’s overall quality and design. Your feedback is then sent to the website owner and designer, giving them helpful information to improve the website.

Through website testing, you can expect to make at least $10 per review. Most website testing only takes around 15 minutes, so in an hour you may be able to make up to $40.


Most people don’t realize that the internet offers a wide range of opportunities to make money. From taking paid surveys to creating blog content, there are all sorts of ways that you can increase your monthly income. Keep these four options in mind if you want to have more money to set aside for an upcoming vacation or to pay down your debt.

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