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What is Hybrid Cloud? Everything you need to know

Hybrid cloud latest statistics

- A tenth of all UK businesses have moved entirely to the cloud (Fuze)

- One third (36 per cent) of companies say that cloud adds the greatest network complexity to their organisations (Kentik) 

- Nearly ninety-five per cent of businesses in 31 countries use cloud infrastructure that uses “multiple private and public clouds” (IDC) 

Hybrid Cloud - what’s new 

27/02 - NEWS - Hybrid cloud security is a major worry for businesses - Businesses are adopting cloud-based solutions faster than the security staff can secure them properly...

21/02 - NEWS - Google launches hybrid cloud beta - Google reveals more on the hybrid Cloud Services Platform it introduced last year...

24/12 - FEATURE - Sirish Raghuram/Platform9 - Seven insights into AWS’ outposts announcement at re:Invent and the future of hybrid cloud - While AWS Outposts is in a very early technical preview, I wanted to share seven key insights from the information available at this time...

20/11 - FEATURE - Sirish Raghuram/Platform9 - Who’s afraid of the big, bad hybrid cloud? - Let’s review the challenges with CMPs and the key capabilities required for enterprises to support digital transformation, for both legacy and modern infrastructure...

25/07 - NEWS - Google's new Cloud Services Platform goes all-in on hybrid - Businesses can now deploy Google's cloud services on both GCP and on-premise...

21/06 - FEATURE - Toan Nguyen/e-shelter - How can businesses ensure a seamless transition into the hybrid cloud - A well-thought out cloud strategy specifically tailored to your organisation's needs can help combat costly mistakes and avoidable errors...

08/05 - NEWS - IBM and Red Hat look to better combine containers for hybrid cloud deployments - IBM will push both Cloud Private and Cloud Private for Data to Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, and Certified Containers...

08/01 - FEATURE - Larry Long/First National Technology Solutions - Hybrid cloud architecture: What to expect in an AWS migration - A cloud migration support provider can help your organisation make a smooth transition when adopting a hybrid cloud environment...

02/11 - FEATURE - Kelly Murphy/HyperGrid - Beyond hybrid cloud: Enabling public cloud on-premises - Fully managed cloud services that are based on-premises can give your organisation greater security and control without the added costs...

25/10 - NEWS - Google and Cisco team up for hybrid cloud - New alliance will offer a hybrid cloud service that will be available from next year...

16/10 - FEATURE - Nadeem Zahid/Savvius - Visibility 2.0 for hybrid cloud environments - If implemented correctly, a hybrid environment can offer the control of on-premises infrastructure with the elasticity of the public cloud...

08/09 - FEATURE - Pierce Lynch/Prodera Group - Hybrid Cloud – is it really the future of enterprise IT? - Cloud computing continues to evolve at a rapid pace and hybrid cloud is its next iteration...

20/06 - NEWS: UK lags behind North America in cloud adoption - A tenth of all UK businesses have moved entirely to the cloud, according to a new Breaking Barriers 2020 report from Fuze…

19/06 - FEATURE - David Zimmerman/LC Technology International - Managing data through the cloud’s limitations - The cloud does have significant benefits, but also limitations, especially for firms that rely solely on cloud services...

13/06 - NEWS: IBM, Cisco reveals most powerful hybrid cloud offering yet - IBM and Cisco have partnered to overhaul their shared VersaStack to include new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and hybrid cloud capabilities, helping to reduce costs and increase network flexibility…

06/06 - FEATURE - Darren Norfolk/Rackspace - Could your business be using multiple clouds without knowing? - Not only do most organisations use the cloud in some capacity, but it’s not uncommon for them to adopt several cloud services at a time.

04/06 - FEATURE - Scott Jeschonek/Avere Systems - Common myths stalling organizations from adopting the cloud - Cloud adoption is accelerating at the blink of an eye, easing the burden of managing data-rich workloads for enterprises big and small. Yet, common myths and misconceptions about the hybrid cloud are delaying enterprises from reaping the benefits...

15/02 - FEATURE - Peter Grimmond/Veritas - 2017: the year when hybrid clouds enter the mainstream - A few thoughts on how businesses are going to transform the way they use hybrid cloud in the coming year....

You can read all of our cloud news and coverage here... 

(Image: © Image source: Shutterstock/Omelchenko)What is Hybrid Cloud? 

There are three main forms of cloud computing in the business market: private, public and hybrid. Each approach comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to each business to identify which solution is most suitable for them.

Hybrid cloud looks to encompass the best features of both the private and public cloud environments.

Essentially, an organisation can be said to be using hybrid cloud when it employs both public and private cloud technology in different situations. Generally speaking, for processes that need to be agile, scalable and mobile, businesses will adopt a public cloud, while reserving the private cloud for the applications and data that need the highest levels of security. 

Ultimately, hybrid cloud lets them have the best of both worlds. 

(Image: © Image Credit: Chaiyapop Bhumiwat / Shutterstock)Hybrid Cloud FAQ What are the benefits of hybrid cloud? 

One of the most notable benefits of the hybrid cloud is known as cloud bursting. This is when an application is able to seamlessly transition from the private cloud to the public cloud, without causing disruption to employees or customers. This is particularly useful for businesses that experience variable demand. For example, a retail company could choose to deploy its online shopping infrastructure locally, but have it transition to the public cloud as demand increases, thereby taking advantage of greater bandwidth and other computing resources. This is an example of the greater efficiencies delivered by a hybrid environment. If businesses wanted to cope with demand spikes using solely a private cloud, it would mean leaving a significant amount of resources underutilised for large periods of time.

Another hybrid cloud benefit is the way that it enables businesses to work with flexibility and agility, while still adhering to data compliance laws. Due to regulations surrounding certain types of data, such as financial information or medical records, some businesses are not able to fully embrace the public cloud. By adopting a hybrid approach, they can outsource their non-critical applications to the public cloud, while keeping customer data stored locally in order to meet compliance needs. A hybrid cloud also enables organisations to benefit from the greater cost efficiencies associated with the public cloud, while still keeping security concerns to a minimum. The public cloud, due to its sheer size, can offer much greater economies of scale, which can prove attractive to businesses when compared with private cloud solutions. 

Who are some of the big players in the hybrid cloud market? 

Although public cloud providers are extremely well-known, including the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft, the hybrid market has taken a little more time to warm up. 

Amazon Web Services only announced support for hybrid cloud in 2015, for example, believing strongly that the public cloud was the way forward. Some of the most popular hybrid cloud providers, aside from the aforementioned public suppliers, include VMware, Rackspace, HP and IBM. Ultimately, businesses must carefully assess not only which vendor is right for them, but also whether hybrid cloud itself is suitable. Just because it offers features of both public and private environments, does not mean it can be adopted without due consideration. 

How secure is hybrid cloud? 

As with all technology systems today, hybrid cloud platforms face a number of security threats.

In theory, the system is more secure than solely using a public or private solution, as combining multiple offering will obviously create a more robust security standpoint.

However some issues such as ransomware will still have the potential to affect organisations using hybrid cloud, meaning that companies need to be vigilant in order to ensure their systems are not compromised. If a phishing or ransomware attack is able to infect one part of their cloud platform, it could have severe knock-on effects onto other areas, leaving the entire organisation at risk.

Fortunately, many of the world’s top security vendors offer tailored products or solutions aimed at safeguarding hybrid cloud, providing peace of mind for those companies embracing the technology.

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