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Symbiotic relationship 2019-05-12 03:59:57Is Earth a prison? A school? Just one of many possibilities? We took a weird evolutionary path. We ran to the front of the race and stopped. Like s

What is happening to society? 2019-05-11 23:43:432 news items today made me shake my head wondering what kind of future the current #allaboutmyfeelings mentality is creating An article in todays

EXPLOSIVE †FOIA Documents Show Evidence of Weissmann/Mueller 2019-05-11 21:24:10Some FOIA documents clearly show at least one Member of the Bueller Team (Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann) had some dark intent during 2017. Apparent

Footage captures UFO darting around the sky above 2019-05-11 20:16:48The passer-by who captured the object said: I was stunned to see what looks like a flying saucer in the middle of town, reports the Daily Record .

Funny: Alyssa Milano Calls For Sex Strike 2019-05-11 18:45:41I for one would love to spread the news about Alyssas great idea that Progressive women should go on an extended sex strike. I thank Alyssa for promot

Women on Mars 2019-05-11 18:04:27UK, Europe and Russia will hopefully have a rover with working instruments on Mars. It is named after a woman, Rosalind Franklin. Rosalind Franklin wi

"Love is our resistance. The Quarantine over Earth 2019-05-11 15:40:10"Love is our resistance. The Quarantine over Earth has been lifted. Congratulations Humanity! Hi, I am a channel for the human collective. I rep

French officials say centuries-old inscription on rock is 2019-05-11 14:52:32Heres an ATS challenge. You want to see/read/solve a mystery? Lets put the vast resources of ATS to bear to resolve this inscription. Lets put aside

Invasive species are Australias number-one extinction threat 2019-05-11 12:38:51https://phys.org/news/2019-05-invasive-species-australia-number-one-extinction.html Australia has the highest rate of vertebrate mammal extinctio

Aggressive Japanese Knotweed is Making Its Way Across 2019-05-11 12:33:24https://weather.com/science/environment/news/2019-05-09-japanese-knotweed-invasive-plants Like other invasive species, knotweed crowds out native

AW139 heli manufacture process 2019-05-11 00:01:19this is a great video on some of the not so popular helicopter world, it follows the process of the manufacture and other behind the scenes manufactur

Us Humans Dont belong Here on Earth 2019-05-10 23:45:37Why are we all just skipping about this animal kingdom like its our own? I cant fly..I can barely swim. I go camping 20 times a year and I swear, I am

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Churches combine forces in Rome to learn best 2019-05-07 23:33:41Exorcism is going multi-denominational. Where once those competing for the souls of followers would burn each other as heretics and spur decades-long

UFO researcher claims there's an underwater alien base 2019-05-07 15:50:16It appears that in the hunt for extra-terrestrial life, the ocean waters of our planet could hold intriguing answers, with more and more alien-seeking

BEST OF THE WEB: What The Hell Is 2019-04-30 14:29:18Few stories have garnered more requests from our readers for commentary than the recent news that the Navy has decided to very publicly change its rep

'Yeti' footprint photographed near Nepal Base Camp, says 2019-04-29 23:04:39The Indian Army on Monday claimed to have seen a huge footprint of mythical character Yeti near Makalu Base camp in Nepal. Taking to Twitter, the Army

'UFO falls from sky' against double rainbow after 2019-04-27 19:11:17AN alien spacecraft has been filmed falling from the skies after being struck by lightning, a prominent UFO proponent has alleged. "Seeing is believi

Secret US aircraft or UFO? San Antonio woman 2019-04-17 11:44:19The reported UFO sighting took place over Texas, with a woman arguing with her fiancé about its nature and insisting that the craft was not of

BEST OF THE WEB: UK police: 'Drone' that 2019-04-15 15:20:00The drone attack that caused chaos at Gatwick before Christmas was carried out by someone with knowledge of the airport's operational procedures, the

From AAWSAP to AATIP: How the Pentagon's UFO 2019-04-15 14:12:13On Dec. 2017, the New York Times published a story about a secretive UFO program ran out of the Pentagon. The project the NYT referred to was the Adva

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Ancient ancestors may have committed cannibalism for profit 2019-05-09 15:15:07We all know that many species of our ancient ancestors were quite archaic, and did numerous things we might think of as wrong or “backward.&rdqu

Julius Caesar: History, The Rise, Assassination, And More 2019-05-09 12:15:24Julius Caesar was a ruthless leader who would stop at nothing to realize his goals and visions for a unified and powerful Roman Empire.During his rise

Zeus and Jesus Christ: Their Shocking Connection 2019-05-09 11:05:02Is it possible that Zeus and Jesus are one and the same? A significant number of historians are starting to believe that the name Jesus is actually de

The Star Wars saga will NOT end — 2019-05-07 13:59:08Over the past couple of weeks, sci-fi and comic book fans have been reveling in the conclusion of the 22 film saga of the Marvel Universe as Avengers:

The ancient Denisovans are cloaked in mystery but 2019-05-06 09:43:37The Tibetan plateau is home to Baishiya Karst Cave, a place long-revered by Tibetans who go there to pray or recuperate from illness. And the cave is

Asteroids usually don’t have water — This one 2019-05-04 12:45:03Water is the essential building block of life, and someone no human can live without. And given our growing fascination with life outside planet Earth

NASA’s TESS Satellite identifies the first Earth-like exoplanet 2019-05-02 13:01:31After over just a year in space, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, TESS, has traveled more than 20 million miles at speeds of around

Fossilized eggs found from dinosaur with the longest 2019-05-01 18:14:22Imagine a 25-foot tall dinosaur that fiercely protected its eggs with eight-foot arms wielding meter-long Freddy Krueger-like blades for fingernails a

Diamonds shine a light on how continents formed 2019-04-29 14:33:19Imperfect diamonds may be a geoscientist’s best friend, acting as “mineralogical emissaries from the Earth’s depths,” accordin

It’s the world’s largest Mayan figurine workshop ever 2019-04-27 12:34:52Before the Mayan culture was destroyed by the arrival of the Spaniards, it was considered one of the world’s most advanced civilizations. Figuri

The Origin of the Knights Templar and the 2019-04-23 14:24:14In 1099, Christian armies overtook the then Muslim controlled Jerusalem. After the overthrow, Western European Christians were tasked with traveling t

Did the Sumerians Predict the End of the 2019-04-22 14:49:18People have been predicting the end of the world almost as long as the world has existed. Whether they thought the world would end far in the future o

Alien UFO Sightings

20 Historical Paintings That Conspiracy Lovers Can’t Get 2019-05-09 09:47:15Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Between the moon landing in 1969 and t

Amazing UFO filmed over Mojave Desert, California – 2019-05-08 14:41:28Strange bright orbs were filmed in the sky above Mojave Desert, California. Filmed in December 2018. Witness report: Major sighting… clear

Space Force will not be the military branch 2019-04-28 11:08:55Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Listen up conspiracy theorists, schizo

THE ROCK THAT FELL TO EARTH 2019-04-27 19:05:44Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! How a meteorite hunter’s obsessi

If the Space Force Won’t Fight Aliens, Who 2019-04-27 11:58:20Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Late last week, military news site Tas

Trump’s Space Force Isn’t the Only Military Space 2019-04-27 11:54:12The United States may or may not be getting a Space Force, but while President Trump is all-in on the creation of a new branch of the U.S. Military&md

HYBRID THEORY Oxford University professor claims aliens are 2019-04-27 11:29:46Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! The Korean academic has written a book

Alien contact COVER-UP? Mysterious ‘triangular aircraft’ spotted hovering 2019-04-26 18:14:54Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! A MYSTERIOUS ‘aircraft’ ha

Evidence That Elon Musk Is an Alien 2019-04-26 11:28:38Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Last night, Elon Musk suggested that E

Elon Musk Wants To Invade Our Rest Stops 2019-04-24 11:36:26Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Just a bit ago, Elon Musk en

Admiral Richard E Byrd. The man who found 2019-04-23 14:53:05Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Admiral Richard E Byrd. The man who fo

9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth! 2019-04-21 11:54:35Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Islands throughout the world that are


Study Says Smoking Psychedelic Toad Milk Could Alleviate 2019-05-11 02:49:19A new study has shown that toad venom could significantly reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Researchers studied the Colorado river t

Coroner Says Death Of Prodigy Singer Keith Flint 2019-05-10 18:02:18The death of Prodigy singer Keith Flint has been somewhat of a mystery, and this week’s autopsy report from the coroner leaves more questions th

Hidden Camera Shows Young Calves Beaten And Kicked 2019-05-10 14:15:39Animal rights activists have recently released disturbing footage showing the live export of young calves, who were transported across Europe to be tu

Blogger Nearly Has Her Face Sucked Off By 2019-05-09 13:01:01It turns out that obnoxious online influencers with ridiculous and dangerous challenges are a global phenomenon, that is not limited to western countr

Wikileaks: Google Chairman Proposed $1.5 Billion Donation To 2019-05-09 01:23:16One of the most explosive revelations from the Wikileaks releases on Hillary Clinton was the details of her close connections with Google. In fact, th

Someone Leaked Donald Trump’s Tax Returns To The 2019-05-08 21:36:23This week, an anonymous leaker gave 10 years worth of President Donald Trump’s tax information to The New York Times. One of the most shocking r

Fleet of 245 Chinese Fishing Ships Currently Destroying 2019-05-08 19:17:34Recent reports have indicated that a gigantic fleet of Chinese fishing boats is currently devastating an area in the Galapagos region known as the Gal

The First Photos of The Newborn Royal Baby 2019-05-08 14:58:05The first pictures have been revealed of the newest addition to the royal family. This week, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shown their healthy b

Canadian Hunter Decorated His Barn With The Fur 2019-05-08 12:21:10A hunter decorated his barn with hundreds of dead wolves, and the internet is furious. In his 2012 season alone, Will Huppertz of Alberta killed 352 c

7 Companies Who Use Human Slavery 2019-05-07 23:19:22The prison industrial complex is a big business, that makes money for any sector of employment that is willing to use what is basically slave labor. T

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Whistleblower Tells All, Claiming Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, 2019-05-12 13:01:15 A former publicist for the infamous sex cult NXIVM has come forward as a whistleblower to tell all that he knows about the evils he wi

Bodies of 400 Children Discovered In Hidden Mass 2019-05-12 09:49:49The results of a horrifying investigation into a Catholic orphanage are being released this week. The report revealed the discovery of a mass grave co

Hidden Chemicals In Popular Perfumes & Colognes 2019-05-12 07:12:21A new analysis reveals that top-selling fragrance products—from Britney Spears’ Curious and Hannah Montana Secret Celebrity to Calvin

15 Before & After Pictures of Celebrities Exposes 2019-05-12 02:56:31I remember being in a dark room, excited to make it through the various steps it took to watch the photos on my camera come to life. I’d taken s

I Just Got a Computer Chip Implanted In 2019-05-11 20:21:18The 1960s were about peace, love, and drugs. I believe the next decade will be about virtual reality, implants, and transhumanism. Even though I was b

Corrupt FBI Targeted Dr. Suzanne Humphries After She 2019-05-11 12:28:23What would you do if someone sent you a death threat? If you’re like most people, you’d probably report the threat to law enforcement. You

For Nobody’s Eyes Only: The Truth About Missing 2019-05-11 11:07:41Government agencies have, under duress, declassified millions of pages of documents in recent years. But we also know more unreleased files are suspic

Donald Trump: Pedophiles Will Get The Death Penalty 2019-05-11 09:23:50Donald Trump has vowed to tackle the child abduction crisis in the United States by giving pedophiles and fast trial resulting in the death penalty. T

175 U.S. Patents Prove That Geoengineering & Weather 2019-05-11 07:38:58The United States government has granted patent approval to at least 175 inventions and technologies that are officially recognized to control or augm

Digital Deception – Can You Trust What You 2019-05-11 07:13:07We know not to trust everything we see and hear on TV, but do you ever wonder just how much misinformation we are being fed? What’s the ext

9 Secret UFO Bases Other Than Area 51 2019-05-10 09:43:19Tired of hearing stories about Area 51? Here’s a list of other places routinely visited by UFOs. #1 San Luis Valley, Colorado  Over the yea

George Soros Manufactured EU Refugee Crisis 2019-05-10 08:39:55How George Soros Singlehandedly Created the European Refugee Crisis – And Why George Soros is trading again. The 85-year-old political activist

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