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Crushing Medical Conscience Rights 2019-07-03 12:57:08After Trump, ideologues pushing for mandatory participation in abortion and euthanasia will likely be in power

Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Blows Up in His Face 2019-07-03 11:29:19This is what brain-dead, reflexive opposition to a successful diplomatic agreement gets you, and Trump and the Iran hawks own the consequences.

The Noxious U.S.-Saudi Relationship Has to End 2019-07-03 10:29:21The war on Yemen needs to end, and for that to happen the U.S.-Saudi relationship as it currently exists has to end.

The 2020 Democratic Party Goes Full McGovern 2019-07-03 00:01:55They're coddling the Left, ignoring mob violence, and arguing over busing. That didn't work so out well last time around.

Slavery Reparations Won’t Change the Past. What About 2019-07-03 00:01:54Ta-Nehisi Coates says a dollar amount can be put on the sins of our 'collective biography,' but what it actually pays for we don't know.

Red Line for War? Iran Blows Through Enrichment 2019-07-03 00:01:15The two countries are on a collision course set by a bad nuke deal and even worse moves by the president.

We Have Unfinished Business in Iraq 2019-07-03 00:01:10There can be no closure if we leave the persecuted Christians, and minorities like the Yazidi, behind.

Chesterton Conference 2019 2019-07-02 16:44:55See you in Kansas City in early August

Gay, But Not In The ‘Correct’ Way 2019-07-02 16:16:42Two letters from same-sex-attracted Christians who ran afoul of the Woke Police

Stop Enabling the Destruction of Yemen 2019-07-02 15:14:50Supporting the war it makes our government complicit in thousands of war crimes committed against innocent Yemenis.

Yes, There Are Endless Wars, and They Need 2019-07-02 13:32:14Hawks are trying to change the meaning of the word war so that it can't apply to any of the ongoing wars that the U.S. is fighting and supporting.

View From Your Table 2019-07-02 13:30:08Granada, Spain

The Gospel Coalition |

How Your Church Can Look More Like Your 2019-07-02 00:04:00Four things we’ve done that I’d recommend for every church-planting team.

Evangelism Is Not a Solo Sport 2019-07-02 00:03:00Partnerships, not personality, produce effectiveness in sharing the good news.

Why Evangelicals Forgot God 2019-07-02 00:02:01Collin Hansen talks with Mark Galli about how easily Christians can fail to love God in the midst of much activity for God.

Do the Gospels Borrow from Pagan Myths? 2019-07-02 00:00:00Every ancient ‘parallel’ I’ve examined has turned out to be vague and weak when seen in its original context.

Help! My Client Wants to Donate to Planned 2019-07-01 00:04:00I have a client who wants to give a significant amount of money to Planned Parenthood. What should I do?

Teaching Kids About Their Beautiful Bodies 2019-07-01 00:03:00Some of the very things I hate are a part of God’s good design.

‘Thank You, God, for the Fleas’—Finding Courage in 2019-07-01 00:02:13Nazi persecution, imprisonment, fleas—during humanity’s worst, here’s a story of God’s goodness, honest faith, and the power o

What Your Retreat Speaker Needs from You 2019-07-01 00:00:00The person you’ve invited will put in a lot of work. Churches or groups that thoughtfully serve their speakers typically do three things.

How 1969 Changed America: The Stonewall Riots 2019-06-30 00:03:00The effects of Stonewall are still being felt today—and it’s our children who are paying the highest price.

3 Ways to Respond When a Church Leader 2019-06-29 00:02:23In Christ we see the polar opposite of every kind of abuse.

Should You Quit Netflix? 2019-06-29 00:00:00It’s difficult to use Netflix as a Christian in ways that are edifying and enriching. But is it impossible?

How to Encourage the Ministry of Women in 2019-06-28 00:04:00A panel discussion with Melissa Kruger, Betsy Childs Howard, Quina Aragon, and Taylor Turkington on how to equip and biblically empower women in the c

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The US Is Still Needed in Syria 2019-07-02 04:57:02By rushing out of Syria now, the Trump administration is ceding the field to Russia, Turkey, and Iran, all but guaranteeing another regional conflagra

Germany’s Green Wave 2019-07-01 11:40:43With Germany's traditional parties continuing to hemorrhage voters, public support is swinging to the Greens, whose new leaders have been preparing t

Does Japan Vindicate Modern Monetary Theory? 2019-07-01 09:36:18It is not true that Japan's experience proves that Modern Monetary Theory works, as some have argued. But increasing deficit-financed spending, in Ja

Build Your Own Talent Magnet 2019-07-01 08:46:43As the world's biggest cities attract more talent, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to remain productive. This is why policymakers should f

A Future Without Currency Wars? 2019-07-01 08:07:32US President Donald Trump's protectionist policies and frequent accusations of currency manipulation by other countries speak to the need for a unive

Farewell, Flat World 2019-07-01 07:41:08The single most important economic development of the last 50 years has been the catch-up in income of a large cohort of poor countries. But that worl

The Coming Libra Panics 2019-07-01 06:55:03Though the details of Facebook's recently announced digital currency and global payments system are still trickling out, the company's expressed int

Trump’s Lose-Lose Iran Strategy 2019-06-28 11:13:14As the Trump administration spins its wheels over Iran, the world is reminded of why the Obama administration and the Europeans went to such lengths t

The “Digital Revolution” of Wellbeing 2019-06-28 10:41:32The rise of digital platforms, cutting-edge forms of automation, and Big Data promises to transform labor markets and upend longstanding business mode

America’s Economic Blockades and International Law 2019-06-28 09:57:05Trump is often called an isolationist, but he is as interventionist as his predecessors. His strategy is simply to rely more heavily on US economic po

Nigeria’s Poisonous Patriarchy 2019-06-28 08:23:00Many in Nigeria believe that familial and even societal honor depends on women’s complicity, purity, and silence. Such norms severely constrain

Money Can’t Buy Palestinians’ Love 2019-06-28 07:19:44Some have compared the new $50 billion US-led initiative aimed at ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the Marshall Plan in Western Europe after


Louie Gohmert blasts Robert Mueller: He's an 'anal 2019-07-02 06:34:47Rep. Louie Gohmert, Texas Republican, called out Robert Mueller, the former special counsel for all-things-Russia-collusion — or, make that all-

Gay marriage backlash -- and it's about righteous 2019-07-02 04:35:51A pastor in Minneapolis was defrocked, his church expelled, and another Michigan minister removed after leaders of the Evangelical Covenant Churc

Donald Trump forges useful acquaintance of convenience with 2019-07-01 20:26:04Flattery, so the saying goes, will get you everywhere. This is wisdom usually employed by lovers, but Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are trying to see w

The Founders' fears were justified as Democratic presidential 2019-07-01 20:25:05If the world as we know it is going to end in 12 years, should you pay your college loans back? When we were small children, before we had learned the

Bangladesh wants digital security, not censorship 2019-07-01 20:24:08Bangladesh has moved rapidly into the digital age. Last year, Parliament passed the Digital Security Act to protect citizen data and privacy and to sa

The Democratic debates were mostly a show of 2019-07-01 20:24:07The likelihood I would ever be invited to serve on a network panel questioning the Democratic presidential candidates is equivalent to an invitation t

The "Stop Internet Censorship Act" would, ironically, grant 2019-07-01 20:23:07During my years at Google, down the hall from the free food, the kombucha on tap and the nap pods, I would settle down on my ergonomic swivel chair an

America has established itself as a force for 2019-07-01 20:23:05This week, as Americans commemorate Independence Day and the creation of the most free, most prosperous nation on earth, we will inevitably hear from

Theresa May turns to climate change for redemption 2019-07-01 20:22:06While the United States discusses compensation for slavery, last week the U.K. Parliament agreed to Prime Minister Theresa May's request to increase

Animal activists have a people problem 2019-07-01 20:22:05Merriam Webster defines the word humane as "marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals." Yet a number of America's far-

EDITORIAL: Antifa and the alarming trend of settling 2019-07-01 20:16:04The hallmarks of a functioning democracy are clear enough. Open elections, a free and unfettered media, an unbiased judiciary system. The most importa

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Today's Democrats are tyrants 2019-07-01 20:15:04As a life-long registered Democrat and retired academic who grew up in California when it had the best public education system in the country and was

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Stream Series: The Books That Formed Me 2019-07-03 13:00:36As a follower of Jesus since late 1971, my life has been shaped by the Bible, God's Word, far more than any other book or series of books. Yet ertain

One Member of Charlottesville City Council Voted to 2019-07-03 11:33:00Just one member of the city council of Charlottesville, Virginia, voted against ending an official holiday honoring founding father Thomas Jefferson'

Trump Invites Conservative Activists to Discuss Big Tech 2019-07-03 10:06:01The Trump administration is inviting a slew of conservative activists to the White House soon to discuss how social media companies are affecting thei

Trump Didn’t Make the Left Crazy, Just Tempted 2019-07-03 08:45:08There's an old, old saying, "Don't shoot the messenger." It goes back many centuries. That's because it touches something deep in human psycholog

Father of Newborn Prayed God Would Heal Her 2019-07-03 08:22:18“I prayed that God would heal her or that he would just take her home.” Pastor Robin Steele remembers the day his daughter was born 17 yea

Norman L. Geisler, July 21, 1932 – July 2019-07-03 07:28:58Norman L. Geisler passed away on Monday. A philosopher, theologian and apologist, he changed the world of Protestant Christian thinking. At least one&

(D) is for Damaged, Dangerous and Delusional 2019-07-03 05:26:26If you watched either or both of the two Democratic Party presidential candidate debates, and if you are a liberal, a conservative or a centrist, you

Military Photo of the Day: Fireworks! 2019-07-03 05:00:35U.S. Navy sailors enjoy fireworks in Yokosuka, Japan, in 2018. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.      

Google ‘Fairness’? It’s Really a Way to Try 2019-07-02 20:46:54Google plans to stop President Trump from winning reelection. So says a Google employee who didn’t know she was speaking to Project Veritas. The

When Preposterous Lies Become Credible ‘Truth’ on the 2019-07-02 11:30:43It is fascinating to watch and yet very disturbing. A bold-faced lie is manufactured on the internet, and within days, it has the air of truth behind

Is the “Reckless” Donald Trump Like the “Reckless” 2019-07-02 06:30:00By now, we're used to hearing comparisons between President Trump and King Cyrus. Cyrus was an idol-worshipping king, yet Isaiah prophesied that God

We’re Not ‘Gay Christians’ or ‘Straight Christians,’ But 2019-07-02 05:00:26I've never yet met anyone who calls himself a "greedy Christian" or a "slothful believer" as the comprehensive definition of his heart and life.

DC Clothesline

‘F**K YOU, Mr. President’: Hunter Biden Reacts to 2019-07-02 01:30:07On Monday, it was reported that Hunter had a very harsh reaction to Trump's latest threat to investigate Hunter's dealings in Ukraine. The post &lsq

Baltimore: ICE Seizes 333 Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden 2019-07-02 01:27:47The cocaine weighed about 151 kilograms, or about 333 pounds, and has a street value of about $10 million. The post Baltimore: ICE Seizes 333 Pounds O

The Truth About Kamala Harris’ Heritage 2019-07-02 01:20:07KDH is also a direct descendant of Hamilton Brown, who was born in Ireland in 1776 and owned black slaves on his plantation in Saint Ann Parish,

Portland Antifa: Watch Thugs Beat Elderly Man With 2019-07-02 01:08:18The Saturday Antifa activities in Portland, OR were clearly out of hand. A new report has surfaced that Antifa thugs beat an elderly man with [...] Th

WOW! AG Bill Barr STUNS Everyone When He 2019-07-01 13:54:15Who knew that Attorney General Bill Barr played the pipes? Last week he shocked those gathered at the US Attorneys’ Conference with this renditi

BOOM! Obama’s Family Owned SLAVES… 2019-07-01 13:53:57Leftists are currently purging the Confederate flag, tearing down Confederate statues, monuments and plaques because of their association with slavery

City Council in St Louis Park, MN Voted 2019-07-01 13:52:42St Louis Park, Minnesota: The St Louis Park City Council decided unanimously on June 17 that the Pledge of Allegiance had been ‘weapon

WARNING! Google Chrome has devolved into nothing more 2019-07-01 10:38:35Google Chrome doesn’t just track users, it does so with gusto. This inconspicuous “surveillance software” allows Google to know more

AOC Gets Brutal Smackdown from Holocaust Survivor 2019-07-01 10:25:44Ed Mosberg is one the few remaining survivors of concentration camps and he has a bone to pick with the socialist pile of garbage Rep. ­Alexandria

Look At This Map – It Shows Devastating 2019-07-01 09:28:13Let me warn you right up front – the information in this article might freak you out.  If what some experts are telling us is [...] The pos

Big Tech platforms no longer deny they are 2019-07-01 09:12:55This censorship will only get worse The post Big Tech platforms no longer deny they are banning conservatives appeared first on DC Clothesline.

AOC Photographer Demands Removal of Images Showing Congresswoman 2019-07-01 08:49:21Legal threat came after stunt was condemned as a misleading photo-op The post AOC Photographer Demands Removal of Images Showing Congresswoman Crying

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Family Sues After Cops Tasered Man Doused in 2019-07-03 00:00:00The family of an Arlington, Texas man is suing the city of Arlington after two police officers used their tasers on him — while he was soaked in

Amazon Admits It Keeps Alexa Voice Recordings Indefinitely 2019-07-03 00:00:00Amazon last week confirmed that it keeps transcripts of interactions with Alexa, even after users have deleted the voice recordings.

NASA, NOAA, and the Navy Tell The FCC 2019-07-03 00:00:00The Ajit Pai FCC has pissed off yet another subset of the population still reliant on factual data. Scientists and researchers at NASA, NOAA, and the

Russia Releases Video Of 'Satellite Killer' Anti-Missile System Test 2019-07-03 00:00:00The Russian Ministry of Defense announced Tuesday it had successfully tested a new anti-missile system in Saryshagan firing range in central Kazakhsta

Thousands of barrels of Jim Beam bourbon burn 2019-07-03 00:00:00A massive fire erupted at a Jim Beam Warehouse in Versailles Kentucky on Wednesday. Firefighters in Kentucky are trying to extinguish a burning Jim Be

Putin signs law suspending INF treaty with US 2019-07-03 00:00:00Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law suspending the Cold War-era INF Treaty. Putin announced in February that he would halt participation

US: Family of Las Vegas mass shooting victim 2019-07-03 00:00:00The family of a woman killed by a gunman raining down gunfire from a Las Vegas, Nevada, high-rise hotel suite has filed a wrongful death lawsuit again

UK admits sending child soldiers to Iraq 2019-07-03 00:00:00The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence has revealed through a freedom of information request that the British military sent five soldiers who

Ninth Circuit Rejects Facial Recognition Claim Against Facebook 2019-07-03 00:00:00On June 14, 2019, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed summary judgment in favor of Facebook, holding that the compa

Engineer faces 219 years in prison for smuggling 2019-07-03 00:00:00An electrical engineer faces up to 219 years in federal prison after being found guilty of conspiring to smuggle military-grade semiconductor chips to

Tech exodus: HP, Dell, Microsoft, and others to 2019-07-03 00:00:00Global technology companies are reportedly seeking to move substantial production capacity out of China due to the trade conflict with the United Stat

'Spectacular progress', says Taliban as US talks enter 2019-07-03 00:00:00The ongoing seventh round of negotiations between Taliban representatives and US officials in Qatar has made "spec

End Of The American Dream

Does Iran Already Have Nuclear Weapons? 2019-07-02 01:16:07What if what you have been told over and over again is not really the truth?  For weeks, the mainstream media has been telling us that Iran is ge

The Earth Strikes Back – 10 Signs That 2019-06-30 23:13:23All over the planet, nature is starting to behave in some very unusual ways.  And unfortunately for us, a lot of the changes that we are witnessi

Blatant Election Rigging: Twitter Wants To Make Sure 2019-06-27 23:26:09Just in time for the 2020 election, Twitter has come up with a new “policy” that is obviously intended to neuter the effectiveness of Pres

Crops Devastated As More Ferocious Storms Pound The 2019-06-27 00:34:31It has gotten to the point where maybe we should just expect violent storms to hammer the Midwest every single day of the week.  Highly destructi

2019 Could Be The Year That A War 2019-06-26 00:45:43Negotiations with Iran are over before they could even take place.  After President Trump and Iranian leadership exchanged more insults on Tuesda

If The U.S. And Iran Go To War, 2019-06-21 00:09:53We could be on the verge of the most cataclysmic war that the Middle East has ever seen.  As you will see below, we are being told that there wil

1,000 Earthquakes In 3 Weeks? Oh Yeah, Those 2019-06-19 23:43:28In a key seismic zone approximately 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, there have been more than 1,000 earthquakes since May 25th.  Needless

Torrential Rain Of Biblical Proportions Is Causing Immense 2019-06-19 00:35:55The wettest 12 months in all of U.S. history was followed by the second wettest May on record, and for some parts of the Midwest the month of June wil

Jerusalem Post: U.S. Bombing Of Iran “Will Be 2019-06-18 00:43:02I write this article with a heavy heart.  In recent weeks I had come to the conclusion that there probably would not be a war with Iran in 2019,

Earth Is Moving Toward The Same Meteor Swarm 2019-06-16 22:56:31Over the next several weeks, our planet will have a close encounter with the Taurid meteor swarm.  It will be the closest that we have been to th

“The Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak We’ve Ever Had 2019-06-10 22:43:04We have never seen an animal disease outbreak like this before, and it is rapidly getting worse.  African Swine Fever, also referred to as &ldquo

U.S. Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis In 2019-06-06 14:14:33The combination of the wettest planting season in U.S. history, a catastrophic trade war with China and economic conditions that are brutal for small

Right Wing Watch

Right Wing Round-Up: Trump Owns Independence Day 2019-07-03 17:33:30Adele M. Stan @ The American Prospect: What Did the Vice President Know, and When Did He Know It? EJ Dickson @ Rolling Stone: Why Is Everyone So Upset

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Walk for Freedom 2019-07-03 17:31:39MAGA broadcaster Brenden Dilley claims that he has sources “inside the White House.” Rick Wiles spent most of yesterday’s “Tru

David Barton: The Second Amendment Protects Your Right 2019-07-03 14:07:17Right-wing “comedian” Steven Crowder interviewed Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton for a “masterclass” on the mean

Proud Boy Member Fired by ICE Contractor Following 2019-07-03 14:04:21After posting bail in March for a member of the often-violent, far-right Proud Boys group, Nicholas Carefelle was let go last mont

William Koenig: Midwest Floods Were God’s Punishment for 2019-07-03 10:58:31End Times author William Koenig was the guest on Jan Markell’s “Understanding The Times” radio program last weekend, where he assert

Right Wing Round-Up: Hijacking the Fourth of July 2019-07-02 17:34:44S.V. Date @ HuffPost: RNC Giving Out Tickets To Trump’s Hijacked Fourth Of July Celebration. Ali Breland @ Mother Jones: How a Dubious Claim of

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Can Just Ignore 2019-07-02 17:32:18Josh Bernstein is urging President Trump to “invoke the Insurrection Act” in order to simply ignore Congress and the courts to build his S

Right-Wing ‘Free Speech’ Rally Expecting Up To 1,000 2019-07-02 16:16:45Organizers of a “Demand Free Speech” rally planned for Saturday in Washington, D.C., told the National Park Service that they expect up to

Mark Taylor: Trump ‘Took Ground for the Kingdom 2019-07-02 14:47:23On last night’s episode of “The MC Files” program, host Chris McDonald and guest Mark Taylor, the so-called “firefighter proph

The Right Declares Nike Boycott… Again 2019-07-02 14:41:25Right-wing pundits and politicians are stating their intentions to boycott Nike after the company decided to withdraw a series of sneakers that featur

Religious Right on Capitol Hill: Right-Wing Politics as 2019-07-01 17:38:45A succession of congressional leaders paraded before Religious Right activists at a “town hall” event in the congressional auditorium at t

Right Wing Round-Up: Killing People Is Just Part 2019-07-01 17:33:25A.C. Thompson @ ProPublica: Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes. Hemant Mehta


Student Active-shooter Deaths 9 Times as Likely With 2019-07-02 19:30:00Question: Would you put a sign on your lawn stating “This Home is Proudly Gun Free”? No? Don’t worry, some years back pro-gun-contro

After Iran Breaches Uranium Enrichment Limit, Many Fear 2019-07-02 18:00:00Iran has significantly increased tension in the Middle East by breaching the urainium enrichment standards set by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Acti

Another Video Provides Evidence Smollett Staged Hate Hoax 2019-07-02 17:40:00More video has surfaced providing evidence homosexual actor Jussie Smollett staged an elaborate hate-crime hoax.

Colin Kaepernick Lands Nike in Hot Water Over 2019-07-02 17:00:00Colin Kaepernick has used his influence with Nike to have the company’s American flag-themed shoe called the “Betsy Ross” pulled fro

CIS Report: 35K Africans Heading for U.S. Border 2019-07-02 17:00:00The news that Congolese possibly infected with Ebola virus were streaming across the southwest border of the United States with the tsunami of Central

China Conducts Naval Exercises and Ballistic Missile Tests 2019-07-02 16:00:00China is holding military exercises in the South China Sea, and has also carried out the first of a series of anti-ship ballistic missile tests in the

CNN Poll: Biden Down 10 Points, Harris Up 2019-07-02 11:55:00With the cratering of Biden following his woeful performance last Thursday, it's becoming clear that the real winner of the first Democrat debate was

IKEA Faces Backlash After Firing Worker Over Biblical 2019-07-02 11:25:01IKEA is facing intense backlash after firing an employee in Poland over his Christian opposition to homosexuality.

Garfield Assassination Causes Creation of Civil Service System 2019-07-02 11:20:00Today marks the anniversary of the assassination of President James Abram Garfield in 1881, an act which led directly to the passage of the Pendleton

Calif. Assembly Approves Resolution That Calls for Church 2019-07-02 10:15:00The state assembly of California has approved a nonbinding resolution that would require churches to accept the LGBTQ lifestyle. 

Illegal-alien Mob Demands Entry at El Paso, CBP 2019-07-02 09:51:08A mob of angry “migrants” threatened to cross the U.S. border by force at a crossing in El Paso yesterday, yet another indication not just

July 2 Is the Anniversary of American Independence 2019-07-02 09:33:00If America decided to declare independence from Britain on July 2, why do we celebrate our independence on July 4?

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JUST IN: DOJ reverses course on adding citizenship 2019-07-03 19:15:24Trump’s tweet today sent the DOJ into reversing course on the issue of adding the citizenship question to the 2020 census: KTLA – The Just

WATCH: Ilhan Omar accuses CBP of terrorizing migrants, 2019-07-03 18:06:59Ilhan Omar is a despicable congresswoman, saying on BET earlier today that the border patrol “terrorize” migrants on the border (h/t: Free

BREAKING: Judge blocks Georgia ‘heartbeat’ law from implementation… 2019-07-03 16:01:55A federal judge has blocked the pro-life Georgia ‘heartbeat’ bill from going into effect in 8 days. Of course: CLEVESCENE – A federa

Here’s proof that even Obama used ‘racist’ Betsy 2019-07-03 15:23:39It’s a good thing Colin Kaepernick didn’t attend Obama’s second inauguration because he would have been so triggered: That Betsy Ros

Trump is driving Democrats CRAZY with this Independence 2019-07-03 13:29:55Trump is planning a huge 4th of July celebration for Independence Day tomorrow and he’s driving Democrats nuts. They are accusing him of all man

BREAKING: Trump denies report about dropping 2020 census 2019-07-03 11:26:22Trump has just denied the reporting from yesterday that his administration was dropping plans to put the citizenship question on the census: The News

Obama’s DHS Secretary SLAMS 2020 Democrats for pushing 2019-07-03 10:28:51Last week we saw 2020 Democrats on the debate state, specifically Julian Castro, actually call for repealing US statutes that make it illegal to cross

SHOCKING video shows man charge cop with knife 2019-07-03 09:24:44In an incident that happened in Georgia on Monday, police arrived at a scene with a man holding a knife. As we’ve seen in previous videos, the m

Scoop’s Catholic Corner: What does it mean to 2019-07-02 22:34:55I ran across this video tonight from professor and Dr. Brant Pitre and I just loved it so much I had to share it. The focus of Pitre’s remarks i

New York Post Editorial Board RIPS Ocasio-Cortez for 2019-07-02 20:42:39The New York Post is out with an editorial that rips into the “border-camp theater” of AOC in the last couple days surrounding the immigra

Ted Cruz calls out Portland Mayor LIKE A 2019-07-02 19:22:43The other day Ted Cruz called for the DOJ to investigate the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, accusing him of ordering his police to allow citizens to

BREAKING: Navy SEAL Gallagher acquitted of murder and 2019-07-02 17:50:40The Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher has been acquitted of all major war crimes against him and was only found guilty of posting with the dead boy of the IS

Public Discourse

Notre-Dame de Paris and Architectural Culture 2019-07-01 20:00:06The cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is not simply an illustration in an architectural history textbook whose value is limited to documenting a style

Immigration Realism without Abandoning Ideals 2019-06-30 20:00:50Concerns about the effects of immigration on social cohesion and democratic sovereignty are legitimate, but we should avoid false moralistic narrative

Returning to Land of Hope 2019-06-28 20:00:49Wilfred McClay rightly senses that part of our current political confusion results from a lack of a common historical narrative, an ability to talk ab

Cash for Kids: Does Public Assistance Undermine Family 2019-06-27 20:00:52Currently, public assistance in the United States damages vital social institutions like marriage. But the problem is not the public assistance itself

New York City’s Students Deserve School Choice 2019-06-26 20:00:55Mayor de Blasio’s policies keep New York City kids trapped in violent, chronically failing schools.

Gender Ideology and the Catholic Church 2019-06-25 20:00:32Many people have difficulty with the Catholic Church’s teaching on sex and gender because they fail to recognize its philosophical dimension. As

Cross Purposes 2019-06-24 20:00:01The Supreme Court has long channeled the views of a very particular sort of religious and elite class interest in its Establishment Clause jurispruden

Measles, Mumps, and Religious Freedom: Mandatory Vaccination and 2019-06-23 20:00:47It is a mark of responsible governance, not authoritarian overreach, for states to act when the demands of public health call for such measures. It is

Josef Pieper: Prophet of Pietas 2019-06-20 20:00:03Fifty years ago, Josef Pieper accurately prophesied the most defining dilemmas of our age and pointed us to the virtue of pietas to solve them.

False Choices: Religion’s Role in the American Revolution 2019-06-19 20:00:01In eighteenth-century political reasoning and rhetoric, ministers and statesmen were not obliged to choose between pragmatism or piety, orthodoxy or h

Our Little Platoons Need Reinforcements 2019-06-18 20:00:56In Alienated America, Tim Carney paints a picture of a nation riven by a social capital divide, a divide that has led to the rise of populism and soci

The Pursuit of Happiness Rightly Understood 2019-06-17 20:00:46The right to the pursuit of happiness is coherent only in the full theological context of the Declaration of Independence.

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Newt Gingrich: These Two Things Must Happen For 2019-07-03 19:28:06Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts President Trump will get four more years in the White House come November 2020 if just two things happen,

Tennessee Physicist Looking For Something You Only Find 2019-07-03 19:25:59One visionary physicist in Tennessee is attempting to discover something previously reserved for sci-fi novels: a portal to a parallel universe.

Veteran-Owned Apparel Company Has Perfect Response To Nike 2019-07-03 19:18:00Veteran-owned clothing store, Nine Line Apparel, offered a response to Nike’s controversial move to drop an American Flag-style shoe with their

Netflix Pulls 66 Episodes Of Chelsea Handler’s Failed 2019-07-03 19:16:00Fans of Chelsea Handler's Netflix show "Chelsea" will have to go digging to find the 66 past episodes that the streaming giant has now erased.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Praises Kavanaugh, Again 2019-07-03 17:47:00In front of a packed Georgetown auditorium on Tuesday, the Supreme Court justice that has become a leftist feminist icon praised the Supreme Court jus

Omar Demonizes Immigration Officials: Time To Discuss ‘Eliminating 2019-07-03 17:17:00Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) continued to demonize and lie about federal immigration authorities on Wednesday and went as far as to say that she th

Mother Of 11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Blasts 'Convicted Pedophile' 2019-07-03 16:54:00In an Instagram post published last week, Wendy Napoles, the mother of 11-year-old Desmond Napoles — a so-called “drag kid” known as

WATCH: MSNBC Panelist Compares Betsy Ross Flag To 2019-07-03 16:40:00MSNBC regular Michael Eric Dyson rushed to Colin Kaepernick's defense on the network Wednesday, calling the "Betsy Ross" flag — the original

Code Pink: Here’s The New Way We’re Going 2019-07-03 16:38:00In a press release Wednesday, radical left activist group Code Pink announced its newest idea for how to publicly dump on President Trump: to publicly

Where Does Tulsi Gabbard Stand On The Issues? 2019-07-03 16:12:00Tulsi Gabbard has served since 2013 as the U.S. congresswoman for Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District — a sprawling district that covers large

Judge Rules Teen Accused of Rape Merits Leniency: 2019-07-03 16:10:00A judge in New Jersey would not permit a teenage boy who allegedly filmed himself raping a girl at a party to be tried in adult court because the judg

Trump Unloads On Democrats Over Border Crisis 2019-07-03 15:58:00President Donald Trump slammed Democrats on Wednesday for not helping to address the crux of the problem with the crisis on the southern border and su

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